Where Marketers Plan To Put Their Search Budgets In 2019

About 46% of marketers plan to increase the amount they spend with Google search advertising this year, but only 7% said their investment will decrease and 44% said it will remain the same. Some 2% plan to start advertising in Google search and 1% said they don’t advertise on the platform.

That’s according to data from WordStream. The company polled hundreds of its clients to get a look into the online advertising landscape in 2019. The report asks clients to name their biggest roadblock to growing their business and the ad channels that will get their budget this year.

The data revealed that 29% of advertisers spend between $750 and $2,499 per month on digital and non-digital channels. While Facebook allows marketers to generate massive amounts of impressions and clicks fairly inexpensively, search typically allows advertisers to make money back with interest, according to the findings. 

Those participating in the study said that limited time at 40% is the biggest roadblock to growth, followed by limited budget at 39%  and limited expertise at 12%.



Some 32% said their investment in digital display advertising will remain the same, followed by 25% who said it will increase, 11% said it will decrease and 7% who plan to start advertising on Google display. Some 25% said they do not advertise on Google Display.

A whopping 76% of those who participated in the survey said they do not advertise on Google Shopping, but that could be because those polled might be in retail. Only 10% said their investment will remain the same, while 7% will increase the amount spent, 1% will decrease the amount spent, and 5% plan to start advertising in Google Shopping this year.

Also of note, 44% do not advertise on Bing. Some 26% of those who do advertise on Bing say their investment in the search engine will remain the same. Some 21% said they will increase their investment and 3% said they will decrease it.

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