• What's Behind Neeva's Search Engine Integration With Vivaldi
    Is there any opportunity for brands in a subscription-based search engine? The answer is pretty clear -- only if there is a sponsorship offering.
  • Between The Lines: What Reviews Really Tell Consumers
    When reviews with their tale to tell are left up to do their intended task, they can reveal details of a well-run or a troubled company. Here's an example.
  • Yext Builds Find-A-Doc Search Engine -- Why It Is Valuable For Patients, Healthcare Organizations
    Find-A-Doc helps people find the right provider for their needs on a healthcare organization's website using natural-language processing to fully understand the patient's query and return the doctors that match their criteria.
  • Here's Some Of What TransUnion's $3.1B Neustar Deal Gets It
    The Fabrick Impact Assessment provides TransUnion clients an ID-deprecation impact score for each of their measurement and media syndication partners. Marketers can leverage the assessment tool to launch and measure up to 80% of their media without third-party cookies or device IDs.
  • Google Report Adds Historical Data For Queries Driving Impressions Without Clicks
    For consumers, deciding what risks to take as they write recommendations, shop and share information online will rely heavily on the practices companies like Google put in place to protect them.
  • SEO By The Numbers, What B2B Tech And SaaS Marketers Think
    B2B tech marketing community FINITE released research in partnership with B2B digital marketing agency 93x, exploring how B2B marketers at tech and SaaS companies invest in SEO.
  • If Personalizing Leads Exists, This Startup May Have The Answers
    When consumers provide information giving marketers or companies permission to contact them, it doesn't always work out well. Here's one way to personalize that connection.
  • Microsoft Start Feeds Publishers' Digital Content To Readers
    The news feed connects behavior as consumers jump from one device to another.
  • Apple Mail Privacy Protection Deadline Looms
    After Apple rolls out iOS changes to its Mail Privacy Protection feature, Phrasee CEO Parry Malm expects more marketers will use the scoring system his company developed to provide an accurate view of performance.
  • How Loyal Are Your Customers?
    As new tools and technologies are continually introduced, businesses have an opportunity to improve loyalty. But I hear that branded keyword search is on the decline.
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