Search, Social, And Real-Time Marketing

If you have read my contributions to Search Insider over the last few years, then you may have gathered that I am a major proponent of leveraging the interdependence between search and social efforts, and doing it in a live setting. In addition to writing this column, I am pleased to be nearing the end of the first draft of a 350-page book for Wiley/Sybex, entitled, “Search and Social: The Complete Guide to Real-Time Marketing,” scheduled for release later in the year.

In the book, I am expanding on a number of topics that I have covered right here for Search Insider, with many thanks to Ken Fadner and Phyllis Fine for allowing me to do for so many years.  While some of these topics may be familiar to Search Insider readers, I am finding in my speaking and outreach that there is still a long way for the new and general Internet marketing audience to understand and become literate in interdependent search and social concepts. The good news is that I believe the book will do a lot to elevate the conversation as a whole.



With this in mind, today I wanted to recap some of my “search and social” columns into one list, in order to provide greater context to what I consider to be important components to real-time marketing. Though these are older columns, the concepts are still relevant, and I will be elaborating on them from the highest strategic level, down to the tactical and execution level. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to contact me if you have any comments.

Search and Social Reciprocation In Real-Time Communities” -- Real-time communities exhibit many of the interdependent traits of search and social working together.

Content Velocity: Throwing Snowballs To Start An Avalanche In Search And Social” -- It starts with an engaging idea, and propagates as far and wide as it is interesting.

The Real-Time Search And Social User Experience” -- If you think that search and social tactics are only good for pulling in traffic and helping people find you, then I would have to disagree. These tactics also work for finding and engaging with audiences outside of your owned spaces.

Brands As Publishers On Google+” --  No matter what you think about Google+, I would make the case that it is a substantial network that has a wide audience, and most businesses should be there for content distribution and engagement.

Why the Share Graph May Be More Important To Search than the Social Graph” -- Consider this: Your link graph is to the Web graph, as your share graph is to the social graph.

Social Relevance: Google+'s Algorithmic Implications On Networks” – The imperative used to be  “search has to get more social”; Google+ proves that “social needs to get more algorithmic.”

Brands Defined By 'What We Say About Ourselves' and 'What Others Say About Us'” -- I previously discussed this concept in the context of backlink profiles for MediaPost back in 2006, and this columns extends it a little bit further.

Meeting Conversational Demand: A Factual Vs. PR-based Approach” -- How to engage in conversations in social medial without stepping out of bounds.

Understanding 'Conversational Demand' In Social And Search” -- How to think about social keyword research.

How to Think About Content Like A Forest, Not A Weed” -- Looking at the big picture for content strategy puts everything into focus, for both search, and network-based marketing.

Ramping Up For a Bigger Content Publishing Strategy” -- To play big in the new world of network marketing, marketers must position themselves as publishers.

Ambient Truth: In Search And Social, Headlines Are The Message”  -- With content dissemination moving at the speed of real-time, people have shifted their interpretation of the content and message itself, to its respective headline, and the social authority that passes along that title and link.  Damned scary in many ways, particular considering how fast content travels within networks -- just ask United.

Marketing In The Moment” -- My sort of mini-treatise on the new landscape of search and social, the new speed of content dissemination, and what it means to marketing and advertising as a whole.  Also, here is a link to an accompanying presentation I gave at numerous conferences this year, including SIS Captiva, and NYU's graduate school of marketing. This column formed the basic premise for the book.

More On Marketing In The Moment” -- Part 2 of the series.  This is much bigger than just search marketing, folks. 

PPC: Commercial Real-Time Search (Almost) Realized “ -- A type of real-time search that has gone almost completely ignored. 

A Big Week For Real-Time And Social Search” -- More thoughts and analysis in the wake of the Google and Bing deals with Twitter back in 2009. 

Wowd: A Real-Time Search Engine That Will Make You Go 'Wow'” --  Very cool search engine concept - one of the few that can truly be called unique and innovative.  Wowd’s search technology has since been acquired by Facebook.

“Recency in Real-Time Search: It's Much Broader Than Just 'Right Now'" -- “Meet "recency,” the new "R-word" in search. 

What An Algorithmic Approach To Twitter's Social-Search Layer Might Look Like” -- Hmm.  Social relevance.  Are humans being turned into nodes? Thoughts on search and social algorithms back in summer 2009.


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