• Amazon, Google, IAB Spending Big Bucks To Stop California Privacy Act
    The California Consumer Privacy Act is seeing financial opposition from a long list of well-known tech companies. The act, if passed, would require companies to disclose the types of information they collect about people such as search data and the data used to target ads.
  • Marin Software Integrates Data Silos, Introduces New Platform
    The trend toward combining search and social campaigns led Marin Software to launch the next generation of its cross-channel advertising platform to help brands better integrate and manage many types of media.
  • Search Engines Fail To Gain Trust Of Internet Users
    Only 3% of the 1,000 internet users surveyed between the ages of 18 and 35 say they trust search engines like Google or Bing to keep their data private and safe. Just 4% trust social sites like Facebook, 6% trust email providers like AOL, Yahoo or Gmail.
  • President Trump And The Nobel Peace Prize
    Is it possible that President Donald Trump could win the Nobel Peace Prize for his historic meeting with Kim Jong-un?
  • Google Sent 6M Search-Spam Related Messages To Site Owners
    Google is asking for help to keep its search results clean after sending about 6 million "manual action messages" to webmasters in 2017 about spammy content on their site, along with guidelines and details on how to fix the problems.
  • Advertisers Looking For Google Alternative
    If advertisers are looking for an advertising alternative other than Google, does that mean they are following consumers to other platforms?
  • Amazon Gaining Consumer Trust And Money
    Amazon has gained the confidence of 67% of its customers who say they trust it to protect their personal data, according to a recent MPR/Marist poll conducted via telephone interviews.
  • NetElixir Ties Search Platform To Bing Ads
    The deal will allow marketers at small to medium-sized businesses to optimize search marketing campaigns they run on Bing through NetElixir's LXRGuide platform.
  • PGP Encryption Inventor To Advise StartPage Search Engine
    Philip Zimmermann, the inventor of the PGP encryption system he designed in the early 1990s, has joined the StartPage search engine, which allows people to privately search Google results.
  • Apple Ramps Up Search In Photos, Turns Off Tracking In Apps
    The upgraded search feature that Apple will launch in the Photos app runs on iOS to provide the best way to find and share photos for events, locations and people. It also allows users to search on multiple search terms.
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