• The Impact Of Star Ratings And Reviews On Revenue
    The best place to be is between 3.5 stars and 4.5 stars, and five-star-rated businesses have below-average sales.
  • Google Brings Podcast Listening To Desktop And Mobile Search
    Later this year, Google plans to bring podcast listening to Google Assistant and Google Podcasts for the web.
  • App Challenges Rise As People Spend More Time In Them
    As app use increases, marketers are building in advanced search features and opt-in push notifications, yet they face high opt-out, poor click-through rates and program management challenges, a survey finds.
  • Search Advertising Benefits From Increase In Ad Spend During First Half Of 2019
    Squarespace spent $108 million in advertising during first-half 2019, up 117% vs. its spend in second-half 2018. Website builder and hosting companies have significantly increased their ad spending this year, according to Kantar.
  • Warren, Harris Among Senators Urging Google To End Abuse Of Temporary Contract Workers
    The senators refer to Google's employment practices as "anti-worker" in a letter to company CEO Sundar Pichai -- and demand that Google turn the temporary workers into employees.
  • Google Advice On Core Ranking Updates
    Google published questions search marketers should ask themselves if their company's website is negatively impacted by a core search update in query results. Sometimes they might find there's nothing to fix.
  • Finance Search Market Data Uncovers Hidden Outperformers
    About 41% of marketing executives have never tracked how their competitors perform in paid search, yet they rank their own performance above average compared to their competition.
  • Paid Search CPCs Falling Across All Industries
    In fact the CPCs dropped across all industries, but retail and travel saw the lowest this quarter, $0.43 and $0.46, respectively. Education saw the highest price $3.31.
  • Google Patent Identifies A 2-Piece Ad Based On Interaction With Content
    Google filed an update last week for a U.S. patent that describes a method for managing a two-part promotion on mobile devices.
  • Google Reportedly To Replace Voice Search On Android Devices
    Google is moving its Assistant, already on Android TV, into a variety of devices, from phones and light switches to televisions.
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