• How Challenger Brands Gain, Keep Market Share During COVID-19 Crisis
    A Shopkick survey reveals that brand names no longer matter to many consumers as long as they find essential items. Can brands with a loyal following keep their customers? Will brands without a loyal following find new market share in the future?
  • Yelp Partners With GoFundMe -- Just How Creative Can Businesses Get?
    Yelp's partnership with GoFundMe will provide a fast way for independent businesses to get donations through their Yelp Pages, to support those affected by the COVID-19 crisis. The move follows the company's pledge last week to donate $25 million in advertising and services aid to struggling businesses.
  • Ecommerce Ad Spending Rising Globally
    Ecommerce ad spending in the U.S. jumped from $4.8 million the week of Feb. 17 to $9.6 million the week of March 9.
  • COVID-19 Dos And Don'ts To Help Marketers Stay Connected To Consumers
    Luminati, which collects publicly available market stats, on Friday released data on the impact of COVID-19 on ecommerce in China, providing insight into what U.S. businesses can expect. Agency experts from Merkle and Kantar suggest strategies to keep marketers connected as well as when and where to use them.
  • Searchmetrics Quietly Rebrands, Offers Brands COVID-19 Advice During Turbulent Times
    Searchmetrics offers SEO services, informed by its own data, so it's not farfetched for the company's CMO, Doug Bell, to first recommend that brands "not downshift" or "rush" to use paid search. He said brands should inform consumers or businesses, but not veer from their previous strategy.
  • Senators Concerned About COVID-19 Health Data Leak
    A group of senators on Wednesday sent letters to the Trump Administration and Google addressing privacy and cybersecurity concerns involving a third-party company creating a website to test for COVID-19.
  • Verily Coronavirus Site Overwhelmed, Requires Visitors To Create Google Account
    The website created by Verily Life Sciences, Google's sister company, requires visitors to sign into an existing Google account or create a new one to schedule an appointment to be tested for coronavirus.
  • The Mismanagement Of Information During A Time Of Crisis
    Why did Alphabet-Google CEO Sundar Pichai write an approximate 1,264-word post published Sunday touting Google's efforts around "helping people find useful information" about coronavirus, but mention the COVID-19 website developed in a small paragraph at the end?
  • Coronavirus Delays Google's Mandatory Move To Online Video Parallel Tracking, Product Rollouts
    Coronavirus seems to be testing tech companies, with some pushing out original deadlines to accommodate any chaos the unexpected virus might have caused.
  • Social Distancing Like St. Louis In 1918, Only With Search
    Unlike in 1918, when the Spanish Flu killed thousands of people, the world offers businesses some amazing technology in ecommerce, search and video conferencing to connect brands with consumers.
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