• Google Ads, Fossil Fuel Brands Among Biggest Spenders In U.K.
    One in five ads served on Google search results for 78 climate-related terms were placed by firms with strong interest in fossil fuels, a study finds.
  • Google And Facebook Fined Millions In France For Privacy Violation
    Google and Facebook, along with YouTube, were fined for breaching French law, following investigations of how they present tracking choices to users. "Rejecting cookies should be as easy as accepting them," Karin Kiefer, head of data protection and sanctions for France's data protection watchdog, CNIL, told Reuters.
  • Brave Search Engine Reaches 2.3B Annualized Queries
    Brave has made major updates that drive growth of its services, including the launch of Brave Search and video-conferencing platform Brave Talk, and has strengthened its ties to crypto.
  • Notable Audience Segments That Fell And Gained In 2021
    First-party data pulled by Audigent looking at major publications via its DMP partnerships identified segments that grew the most vs. the same period a year ago. Each segment has a minimum of 1 million in-market consumers, and compares the Oct. 1 -Nov. 30, 2021 period vs. last year.
  • What You Read In 2021
    The best way to predict the future is to look back at the past. Here are the most-read articles and topics for "Inside Performance" and "Search and Performance Marketing Daily" in 2021.
  • Google Developer Vs. SEO: Lost In Translation
    Google software developer Martin Splitt touches on a "very sensitive topic" in the latest episode of Google Search Central. SEO professionals struggle to get developers to do things, although they provide recommendations and input.
  • NFTs Boom In 2022, Fill A Void For Brands Looking To Connect With Consumers
    Non-fungible tokens -- digitally reproducible photos, videos, and audio -- will fill a void in 2022 for brands looking to connect with loyal consumers.
  • First 2 Weeks Of December Show Dramatic Retail Increases
    Data from Accertify, an American Express company, shows that the retail industry continues an impressive sales streak even after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • Zoomd Automates Cross-Platform Campaign Budget Management
    Zoomd Technologies, which offers publishers site search and a mobile app user-acquisition platform for advertisers, supports campaign management with the ability to increase or decrease budgets automatically based on a predetermined KPI.
  • Internet Association Breakup Leaves Void For Tech Organization To Lobby Washington
    The decision was made after Microsoft and Uber, among others, pulled their financial support, leaving a funding gap. The companies used the group to have a voice in Washington.
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