• Search: The Influence Of Augmented Reality
    Google Glass may not have been so farfetched -- especially when considering Andrew Murphy's vision of how Apple might present a screenless world through AR.
  • Why Search Marketers Should Have A Cross-Border Strategy
    Cross-border shopping will make up 20% of ecommerce in 2022, with sales of $627 billion, estimates Forrester Research. There is a shift in the way people make purchases, and this year an increasing number of overseas consumers will rely on products from U.S. stores and marketplaces.
  • Russia To Further Block Sites, Search Engine Content
    Freedom of information doesn't necessarily mean access to all the world's data. Especially when it comes to information stored on servers in a variety of countries.
  • Most Expensive Keywords In The U.S.
    Interestingly, the keywords for the category of Business Services include Data Room or Network Security Monitoring, which demonstrates the challenges that companies now have with data theft and malware.
  • The Future Of Smart Sensors And Search
    The backyard project of Ofer Dekel, principal researcher in the Machine Learning and Optimization group at Microsoft's research lab, fits within Microsoft's latest paradigm shift into intelligent systems and technology supporting the Bing search engine, but also embedded into the tiniest computing systems.
  • Let Cyberattack On WPP Serve As A Wake-Up Call To An Industry In Denial
    The cyberattacks on WPP should serve as a wake-up call to the advertising industry and its executives who thought data and information about brands were not what cyber wars are made up of.
  • Amazon Gaining Searches, Clicks For Paid Advertising
    Appliances and garden supplies are two categories in which Amazon leads in search clicks, although it may come as a surprise to marketers. Analyzing Web site traffic, data from Hitwise, a Connexity company, shows that Wayfair and Amazon pull in the most clicks from furniture searches across the retail sites analyzed.
  • Misunderstanding Consumer Emotions Can Lead Campaigns Astray
    Long-standing stereotypes about emotion can lead marketers to false assumptions about potential and existing customers, resulting in a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, according to a recent study by Forrester Research.
  • BrightEdge Works To Perfect Visual Parsing
    Two years in the making, pieces of the technology are live today, but BrightEdge expects to formally launch the visual parsing piece of the platform during the third quarter in 2017.
  • Google Rolls Out Posts For Small Businesses Worldwide
    The platform allowed candidates during the 2016 U.S. presidential election to post status updates directly to Google's search result pages. Google slowly began rolling it out to more users -- museums, sports teams and other similar organizations -- that are willing to test the tool.
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