• Adobe Magento And Its Vision For Personalized 'Experience Commerce'
    The joint vision centers on how companies compete on experiences rather than price and product. Adobe announced integrations on Tuesday that bring analytics and personalization of Magento's Commerce Cloud into Adobe's Experience Cloud.
  • Bing Announces Changes To Its Political Ad Policy
    Bing plans to disallow U.S. and ballot measure ads. The changes will impact any U.S. candidate or political organization running advertising campaigns across Bing's ad network.
  • Search Data Shows Political Bias On Google, Bing, Yahoo
    A new study suggests Google gives greater visibility to a higher proportion of search results critical of President Trump, while Bing and Yahoo tend to be more pro-Trump. The data may give marketers more insight into consumer behavior on the engines.
  • Marketers Don't Understand SEO, Report Suggests
    Some 83% of businesses think their digital marketing efforts help them achieve their goals, but 44% say SEO is their least popular digital marketing channel.
  • Facebook Losing Friends
    Facebook seems to be losing not only marketers, but also major tech companies -- most recently Apple, after Facebook violated its app store data-collection policy.
  • Google Puts Shopping Ads On Sale In Europe
    Baird Equity analysts noted Google's "Matching AdCredits," which provide advertisers with another 20% to 30% discount through credits on future ad purchases, while attending industry conferences in London.
  • What Consumers Think They Know About Search
    Sixty-one percent of respondents felt they could conduct a search adequately. Fifty-six percent were somewhat satisfied with their search experience, 37% were very satisfied and 1% were dissatisfied.
  • What Google Investments Tell Marketers About Its Search Roadmap
    CB Insights estimates that about 86% of revenue overall comes from advertising, but rising ad costs, increased regulations, heightened competition, and a shift to mobile and voice are threatening Google's business in search and advertising.
  • Adthena Poised To Double Size Of Business
    Adthena developers are building out a search platform for advertisers to attract consumers through the Amazon marketplace alongside technology already supporting Google and Bing.
  • Holiday Shopping Means More Online Searches
    Some 87% of consumers will also search for personal deals when shopping for holiday gifts, and 60% of shoppers plan to hit the stores for holiday purchases before Black Friday.
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