• IAB: The Impact COVID Has On Data Spending
    While COVID-19 has impacted the short- to mid-term marketing spend for marketers, the long-term impact is much less certain, according to The State of Data report conducted and published by the IAB Programmatic + Data Center of Excellence and Winterberry Group.
  • How Back-To-School Purchase Decisions Are Dramatically Changing
    Despite widespread variations in return-to-school plans for the fall term, consumers are prepping for purchases. Priorities on what consumers will purchase have changed.
  • Goldman Sachs Revises Global Ecommerce Growth Estimate, Cites COVID As Catalyst
    Goldman Sachs analysts raised its ecommerce growth estimate and called attention to companies benefiting from greater access to consumer data and purchase history.
  • Building A Search Engine Is Complicated, Especially When It Comes To Removing Bias
    Patrick Danial, cofounder-CTO at Terakeet, started the company in 1998 by building a search engine during the early days of Google's launch. Now he almost seems thankful that it failed.
  • Athletic Shoe Company On Enters New Customer Segment, Healthcare Workers
    On, which manufactures a line of athletic and running shoes, wanted to show their support to medical workers on the frontline by offering 50% off their classic collection to healthcare workers in response to COVID-19. But after one worker received the discount, slowly word traveled from nurse to nurse.
  • 'S' In SEO Now Means Stronger Brand Awareness, Reputation Tool
    SEO has emerged from being a traditional site-traffic building tool to one that is more often viewed as a marketing tool for building brand awareness and brand reputation, according to analysis released Thursday by Forrester.
  • Inside YouTube's Bias Recommendation Bubble
    The Mozilla-funded project TheirTube gives people an opportunity to experience what YouTube recommends, depending on their perspective, to demonstrate how recommendation algorithms can sway opinion.
  • U.S. Consumers Trust Brands More Than The Government
    Increased trust in brands points to a new "wellness economy" where 93% of people who use branded resources to stay healthy during the pandemic are likely to continue using them in the future, the study suggests.
  • Target, MTV Separate Church And State
    Target and MTV have added to their "blocklist" to keep their ads from serving up next to articles that mention "Breonna Taylor" and "George Floyd" and the word "protests."
  • Amazon Loopholes: Slipping Through The Cracks
    In an effort to restore credibility across the marketplace, Amazon will soon require independent sellers to display their name and address on profile pages.
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