• Even Search Marketers Investing 200% More In Social
    A study finds that 57% of marketers say their approach to Facebook advertising won't change despite the company's woes. Platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn are getting more of the budget due to the rise of video.
  • Marketers Don't Understand SEO, Report Suggests
    Some 83% of businesses think their digital marketing efforts are effective in helping them achieve their goal, but 44% name SEO as their least popular digital marketing channel.
  • Amazon Taking Marketers' Budgets, CPCs In Flux Globally
    Marketers spent 13% more in Q2, driven by click volume and higher cost per click. The US spent 12%, while the UK spent 14% and Europe 19%, per Marin Software.
  • U.S. Lags In Ad Tech -- Will Video Search Engines Like Aivon Help It Catch Up?
    Aivon created an exchange where companies can share content worldwide. Artificial Intelligence enables Aivon to support metadata that makes content searchable within videos for movies, commercials and any other video content.
  • Google Search: Optimization Over Speed
    After analyzing 33,500 keywords and 1 million pages of search results, analysts at SEO PowerSuite found no noticeable impact on mobile page rankings in Google search results. Instead, they noticed something else.
  • Google Develops ASIC And Smart Displays
    On Thursday Google revealed its work on a semiconductor known as ASIC that will carry out machine-learning tasks in IoT devices. It also revealed a smart display with Lenovo. Both announcements are significant, and both lead Google in the same direction.
  • Organic And Voice Search Critical First Steps For Home Buyers, Renters
    Organic search is typically the first step in a real estate purchase or rental. In the U.S. there is a lot to go around. Zillow estimates that in December 2017 the total value of U.S. homes reached 31.8 trillion.
  • Microsoft Extends Walmart Partnership Into Machine Learning, AI
    The deal may enable Walmart to take on Amazon, and could mean collaborating on no-scan checkouts, predictive ordering, blockchain ledgers, and other data platform solutions, customer-facing services and internal business applications.
  • Microsoft Bing, Google Search Battle For Travel Segments
    Planning a vacation or business trip is becoming easier as more data about hotel and flight prices and availability moves online.
  • Microsoft Sees Big Gains, But Not From Bing
    One report suggested Microsoft "blew minds" on Wall Street after reporting fourth-quarter 2018 fiscal year financial results: $30.1 billion in revenue up 17%, and $8.9 billion in net income, up 35%. That meant the company delivered more than $110 billion in revenue for the full year.
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