• Automotive Goes Through Do-Over
    Some of the do-overs come from Penske Automotive Group, Cox Automotive, and Google.
  • Google Ads: 3 Strikes And You're Out
    Google has begun piloting a three-strike penalty protocol aimed at accounts that repeatedly violate ad policies. No doubt it's a takeoff from California's three-strike law, now defunct.
  • Beauty Brands Losing Organic Search Traffic To Publishers, Informational Websites
    Among the top 22 market-share holders in skincare, 17 are publishers or informational websites -- capturing 62.34% of available search traffic.
  • TikTok Taps Vimeo To Go After SMB Market
    TikTok and Vimeo want to explore ways to support performance marketing.
  • Mobile Time: App Use Rises As Much As 45% In 2 Years
    Brazil tops the list for time spent in apps, which leapt 30% from Q2 2019 to Q2 2021.
  • Google Ads Optimized Targeting Rolls Out
    A "Signal" in Google Ads under the Demographics tab is for optimized targeting, a new feature gradually rolling out to Google Ads Manager users.
  • Google, GoDaddy Team Up
    GoDaddy announced a partnership with Google on Tuesday to introduce a one-click Google Shopping expansion to easily create ads.
  • Consumers Spending Habits During Inflation Could Create Turmoil For Marketers
    This is why marketers may need to rethink the way they target ads as inflation continues to rise.
  • The eBay Of Data Ready To Expand Into Other Markets
    "eBay doesn't buy or sell baseball cards," said Nick Jordan, founder and CEO of Narrative. "They provide a software platform to complete the transaction."
  • A Google Multilocation SEO Strategy: How To Get The Most Out Of Keywords
    Capitalizing on the time and the position of a hyperlocal organic listing in search results is key. This is the goal of multilocation SEO -- to continuously increase the number of qualified visitors from unbranded searches to a nearby location. That's according to research released Friday.
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