R.I.P., Sporty Sally: Why The Persona Should Finally Die
    "Sally is truly moving the needle for us. She's responding well to our multichannel campaigns, and we see potential growth in Kevin and Lynn. We're so happy." Laptop closes, presentation ends.
    Customer Data Platforms: The Tesla Of Modern Marketing
    A customer data platform (CDP) is essentially a revolutionary new data engine for the modern marketing stack. Think of it like a Tesla, but for your marketing efforts.
    Doing The Wrong Thing With The Right Data
    Data, data, data. The ad industry is constantly talking about data. Big data, small data, personal data, any data. Data-driven strategies are not to be questioned. After all, how can you question data? Data is undeniable.
    Going For Service Gold
    How to create a world-class customer experience and win customer loyalty.
    Brands Dumping NRA See Backlash From Republican Voters, Net Increase From Dems
    Major consumer brands severing ties with the National Rifle Association following the #boycottNRA push have seen an overall net decrease in their "favorability" among consumers, according to a nationwide poll of U.S. adults conducted online late last week. Enterprise Rent-a-Car had the biggest decline of seven brands surveyed by Morning Consult, but all of them saw some decline in their net favorability due entirely to responses from Republican voters.
    Why GDPR Is A Brand's Best Friend
    The European Union is dishing up some tough love to brands and advertisers. It's letting them know, through the release of its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policies this May, that they're messing up. That they can do better. That over-targeting consumers based on third-party data and cookie IDs just isn't good enough. And, no, that outfit doesn't look good on you.
    NFL Expanding Opportunities For Sponsors, Fans At Combine, Draft
    With the dust from Super Bowl LIII just about settled - not soon enough for the New England Patriots, too soon for the champion Philadelphia Eagles - the NFL is activating behind its first two big events leading to the 2018 season: the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis (Feb. 25 -March 2) and the NFL Draft in Dallas (April 26-28).
    Social Innovation: The Key To Delivering Value, Growth
    Rather than continually striving for technological advances, brands should shift their focus towards how their products and services can enhance the social relationships of consumers.
    How Sports Brands Use Athletes To Connect With Customers
    A.S. Roma is one of the largest and most celebrated Italian soccer teams. In 2015 it signed Mohamed Salah, a highly coveted Egyptian winger, to a contract. The ink was barely dry when Roma's Facebook followers from Egypt began to increase sharply. Before long, Rome itself was Roma's second biggest city in terms of followers, behind Cairo.
    This Message Will Self-destruct In ...
    Ephemeral moments-those fleeting instances when we catch a glimpse of something before it's gone-have come to define today's social media. These bits of content that appear, prompt for interaction and disappear as quickly as they arrived, are successful for a reason: time is their engagement factor. This adds a new dimension to creative thinking and media planning. From user-generated content to produced shows to apps, several platforms offer disappearing "moments" of interaction that may open a new door for brands to engage with people.
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