This Message Will Self-destruct In ...
    Ephemeral moments-those fleeting instances when we catch a glimpse of something before it's gone-have come to define today's social media. These bits of content that appear, prompt for interaction and disappear as quickly as they arrived, are successful for a reason: time is their engagement factor. This adds a new dimension to creative thinking and media planning. From user-generated content to produced shows to apps, several platforms offer disappearing "moments" of interaction that may open a new door for brands to engage with people.
    Personalization For Complex Customers
    Personalization is a proven way to get consumers to pay more attention to your messages. That's why 72% of marketers say they use it in their email marketing campaigns. But, the same survey indicates that the majority of marketers aren't getting it right.
    What Can Marvel Teach Us About Brand Consistency?
    Branding is an essential pillar of success for many marketers. It helps increase your company's value and can lead to more customers and higher retention rates. Though many confuse brand with logo or company colors, that is not the true definition of brand. Your brand is a promise to your customer and defines their expectations of you, it is not merely the color palette you use or your visual identity.
    How Cross-Cultural Is Your Brand?
    What does it mean to be cross-cultural? The broadest definition from Dictionary.com defines the term as an adjective: combining, pertaining to, or contrasting two or more cultures or cultural groups.
    HQ Trivia: Captivating Consumers, Stimulating Marketers
    Now that binge watching and time shifting are the new normal of media consumption, how do you explain the HQ Trivia app phenomenon? This is old-fashioned, set-your-alarm-and-stop-what-you're-doing entertainment, and it's gaining in popularity by the day - with well over 1 million players simultaneously competing in the live trivia game during key time slots.
    Millennials Aren't Lazy. You Are
    Busting five media consumption myths that hold brands back from reaching this audience.
    The Land Of Purpose: No Neutral Zone
    A year ago, many of us were surprised to discover how fragmented our nation had become. Since then, the cracks in our cultural and social edifice have only deepened. Profound tensions are affecting people the world over, and marketers are far from immune to these seismic shifts. As truth becomes weaponized and more difficult to decipher, people are striving to understand and defend what they believe to be right. Brands must do the same, or risk irrelevance.
    What Advertisers Can Learn From Super Bowl 2018
    The number of Super Bowl LII viewers slipped to 103.4 million viewers, 7% lower than the number of last year's viewers. Add to this the fact that the average NFL viewer skews older and older as millennials lose interest in the game. So how can brands be so sure they're actually reaching their target consumers during the Big Game? In this era of ad-free streaming services and ad-skipping DVRs - not to mention budget spends upwards of $5 million for these flashy TV ads - are marketers really putting their money to good use?
    Here's Why Your Targeting Strategy Needs To Evolve
    What foreign influence on social media reminds us about good marketing.
    Spending Habits Of Gen Z: They Like To Own Stuff
    Gen Z has a sense of pride in ownership. Rather than rent, lease or take an Uber around town, this demo wants to own a car and eventually a home.
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