Are We Blindly Following Data?
    The data suggests that we as marketers should be creating content that is 15 seconds or less versus longer videos.
  • GEN Z
    Gen Z Rising: Get On Board Or Get Out Of The Way
    Gen Z is pushing brands to dispense with the BS, and help them course-correct the imperiled planet they and their children will inherit.
    How to Know It's Time For A Rebrand
    For one, ask "Does our brand strategy reflect our business strategy?"
    The Ultimate Quick-Start Guide To Podcast Advertising
    Success depends on three important factors -- including data-driven planning.
    How To Improve ROI Of Your Programmatic Advertising Campaign
    For example: Define, then refine, your audience with data.
    5 Reasons to Keep Traditional Media In The Mix
    Digital is on the rise, but traditional still offers strategic advantages to level up media plans.
    Brands Can Show EQ By Letting Consumers Opt Out Of Holiday Emails
    Acknowledging that holidays can be complicated, one brand said, "If you'd rather not get Father's Day emails from us this year, we got you."
    No Juneteenth Messaging This Year? How To Get Ready For 2022
    Strategic maturity on diversity, equity, and inclusion is crucial to creating an impactful, on-brand Juneteenth message.
    How To Integrate Inclusivity Into Your Creative
    For example, set realistic expectations and be genuine.
    Inflationary Disconnect Between Fed And Consumers
    Though inflation rate of 5% is significant and should be closely monitored, it should also be less worrisome than other inflationary periods.
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