AI: Applying It To The New Now
    Marketers should think of AI as the pencil writing the story they are telling.
    How Brands Can Leverage 'Dark Social'
    The term Dark Social describes digital content shared via platforms that can't be tracked by marketers.
    It Pays To Be Brand That Helps Others
    With many of us feeling helpless during the pandemic, brands provide a platform for us to be a part of something bigger.
    5 Best Practices For Virtual Experiences
    Virtual experiences are a new frontier for many, and creating one isn't as simple as transporting your IRL footprint to the internet. Here's what you need to know.
    CPG Brands: Time To Change Your Social Media Voice
    The public needs accurate information, positive news, and a little reassurance - especially when we feel like our access to basic necessities is threatened.
    As Purchase Habits Change, Impact Of Direct Mail Remains
    Direct mail generates more response than digital efforts like email, social, and paid search (nearly 10 times).
    The 'Superspreaders' You WANT To Meet
    Marketers should seek out the one in 10 most influential consumers, who are the most efficient for spreading ideas and advice about brands.
    Medium Will Remain, Message (And The Marketer) Must Change
    My hope is advertisers will leverage the power of media for messages that not only sell goods and services, but inspire and support communities.
    Keeping Travel Customers Engaged In A Pandemic
    The Conrad New York Downtown, a high-end property in lower Manhattan, has run a daily video on the Instagram Youtube Channel.
    Redefining Audience Segmentation On Road to 'Next Normal'
    The pandemic will give rise to the "next normal," which will largely be defined by a change in consumer psychographics, not consumer behavior.
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