Toutiao Search: Much Opportunity For Marketers, Even If It Doesn't Beat Baidu
    Toutiao's emergence as one of the most popular news sources in China provides enormous opportunities for marketers and media buyers.
    Is Your Brand Name Helping Your Business Or Hurting It?
    Bad names can happen when companies get carried away being "kree8tiv."
    User-Generated Content Dominating Hispanic Audiences
    Many experts say it's the cost of paid streaming services that are keeping many Hispanics engaged by user-generated content instead.
    When Amazon Takes Over Your Brand: Strategies To Stand Out
    What happens when the place where your consumer is actually buying your brand turns into a direct competitor, eating up your market share?
    Bridging Category Management Among Ethnic Brands, Chains
    Have specialty and ethnic CPG brands reached a peak in their growth across America's grocery stores? In my view, they are approaching maturity.
    Why Branding Is Key to Success In Cannabis Industry
    Building a cannabis brand requires more than just doing something different. It carries challenges other industries don't have to worry about.
    3D Marketing For The 5G World
    Marketers must anticipate this change and adapt their efforts in order to be successful in a new digital reality.
    How to Brainstorm Better: Don't Brainstorm At All
    Try the Killstorm instead: Ask people in the room to react to (or kill) a list of potential ideas.
    For Travel Marketers, Timing is the Answer
    When are travelers actually thinking about -- and, more importantly, booking -- trips? When should marketers be reaching them?
    What the Industry Still Needs to Learn About Hispanic Marketing
    Here are ways to help identify whether you might be missing the mark with the largest ethnic minority in our country.
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