Marketers Must Seize Business Roundtable's Invitation
    Business Roundtable said the purpose of corporations had changed from maximizing shareholder value to making the world a better place.
    Transcend Your Product To Become A True Cultural Touchstone
    Today, CEOs need to understand the true value their companies bring to communities - and how to leverage that value to grab people's attention.
    Handle Marketing Challenges With A Team Of Rivals
    Lincoln's ability to embrace a team of diverse thinkers is consistent with our industry's shift to more multidisciplinary strategists to solve complex challenges.
  • GEN Z
    How Brands Can Reach Girls Gone Green
    Gen Z has stepped up in an unprecedented way as wavemakers in the activist space, from Greta Thunberg to Autumn Peltier.
    Influencer Kits Vs. Sales Kits: Why So Different?
    Buyers and salespeople are influencers. So why aren't they treated as such and provided kits with more of a glam factor?
    What You Can Learn From Teen Trend For Modest Fashion
    For one: Pay attention to societal trends. The rise of the young Muslim consumer arguably kicked modest fashion into overdrive.
    Customization, On-Demand Delivery Now Key To Winning Digital Consumers
    Innovation strategies of the past hold less sway for a company's ability to achieve relevance at scale to a marketplace of millions of individuals.
    Fair-Pay-To-Play Act Response Could Be NCAA's Defining Moment
    A recent sports fan study showed less than a third strongly agree that college athletes should be compensated for their participation in D-1 sports.
    Brands Need to Understand: Not All Hispanics Are The Same
    The general conception of Hispanics tends not to make any distinctions among countries of origin, making it easier to lump them under one generic umbrella.
    5 Mistakes To Avoid When Working With Mom Influencers
    One mistake: not measuring engagement as a KPI.
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