Who Are Your Real Brand Friends? How To Communicate With Customers During A Crisis
    I've noticed there are three types of friends in a crisis. Each type sheds light on how brands should and should NOT act.
    Pandemic Verdict: Keep Marketing Your Brand
    Memory and history confirm that brands that continued to advertise during crises fared better than brands that cut their marketing budgets.
    Week 2 Of WFH: What We've Learned So Far
    Among the lessons: There are two kinds of staffers, those with kids and those without.
    Should My Brand Proceed With Paid Social In Face Of Pandemic?
    Proceed with caution, and be conscious of how your message might be received.
    Lessons From 2008 Recession: No Quick Return To Normal For Affluent Market
    Among the biggest reason why: Economic anxieties are likely to persist for years.
    You Don't Need A CMO
    Today's success isn't about a single role existing or not existing within a company.
    Education Alone Can't Close The Racial Wage Gap
    How can marketers address the problem? Hispanics and African Americans earn less than non-Hispanic Whites with the same -- and often less -- education.
    Gaming's Pendulum Will Swing Back To Destination Experiences
    Gaming continues to expand globally as technology matures, while at the same time growing roots on a local basis to bring back social opportunities.
    Driving Home Marketing Messages
    How Visit Tampa Bay developed an out-of-home campaign using cars wrapped in ad messages.
    Amazon's Biggest Strength: Utilitarian Products With Utilitarian Journeys
    Amazon's greatest strength isn't a traditional product category, but rather a type of product - utilitarian - that cuts across categories.
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