The Least-Common Denominator: How To Craft More Efficient Content Strategies
    Identifying the common needs among your prospects is the first step to achieving meaningful content personalization.
    When Amazon Takes Over Your Brand: Strategies To Stand Out
    What happens when the place where your consumer is actually buying your brand turns into a direct competitor, eating up your market share?
    Where The Big Marketing Game Is Really Played, And Won: Locally
    Putting local activation in the playbook for scoring on the Super Bowl hype before game day is how CPG brands are winning the Super Bowl snacking occasion.
    6 Trends To Keep Advancing This Year
    For example, CGI virtual influencers are becoming the norm.
    How To Avoid In-Housing Disaster
    For one, don't underestimate the groundwork.
    Amazon's Biggest Strength: Utilitarian Products With Utilitarian Journeys
    Amazon's greatest strength isn't a traditional product category, but rather a type of product - utilitarian - that cuts across categories.
    How To Join Teens In Going Green
    It's clear we're at a climate tipping point. What are some of the implications for youth marketers?
    Podcasts Are The New Black, With Many Shades Of Grey Within
    While podcasts are hot, understanding the important differences across listeners can make or break your podcast strategy.
    Marketers Are Missing The Bidirectional Toggle
    Why are Hispanic marketing budget artificially lows? Marketers fail to account for the nature of influence and purchasing in a multigenerational family.
  • GEN Z
    2020: Year Of The Gen Z Mom
    Here are some key characteristics of this cohort: Thrifting is a desirable form of shopping, and scents are key when choosing products.
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