Seeking Perfect 2020 Vision? 3 Lessons From Beauty Industry
    Here are three ways beauty could help CPG companies navigate the road ahead.
    Icons or 'Authentic' Travel Experiences? How To Deliver Both
    Research showed travelers want to get a "real" feel for a destination, but not miss out on the must-sees, either.
    How Aspiration Can Inform Pragmatism In Ticket Marketing
    There's nothing wrong with initially seeking out the most aspirational fan desires, absent any parameters, as an entry ramp to inform the ultimate pragmatic solution.
    Is Your Special Event Anything Special?
    Successful events share two qualities, the two M's: being meaningful and memorable.
    Non-Inclusive Ad Testing: Real Culprit Behind Tone-Deaf Ads
    Common market research missteps include using a DIY tool with a skewed convenience sample.
    How Beauty Brands Are Fighting Consumers' Fear Of The New
    Beauty brands can increase their chance of winning people over if they generate a product experience that people want to share.
    Teens Help Pick A President
    The two big winners in the Iowa Caucus will probably be in their late seventies. What are the implications for brand marketers?
  • Enough About Peloton: Let Feel-Good Ads Prevail
    Here are two of my favorites, why I believe they resonate, and what we can learn from them as digital marketers
    For 2020, Aim For Authentic Connections With Consumers
    Brands will recognize the importance of real-world experiences and events and their power to unite people, and reintroduce real connectivity.
  • GEN Z
    Gen Z: The Key to Household Spending
    In a recent study from the National Retail Federation, nearly 90% of parents say their Gen Z kids influence household purchases.
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