The Science Behind A Winning Marketing Plan: Harnessing Data
    Start by breaking down your data into categories, such as sales, marketing, and budget and resource allocation.
    Content Camouflage: How UGC Evolved Ecommerce Marketing
    Consumers are tired of advertisements, and a study found that 96% don't trust ads. However, UGC is often not initially received as an ad but as value-added content.
    It's Time to Rebalance Your Advertising Strategy
    Creative quality still matters most. So lean into it, especially with younger consumers like Gen Z who are open to ads. Tailor creative to their preferences.
    Why Email Is Back This Holiday Season
    OK, email never really went away. But email newsletters hold special marketing promise because they offer true access to guaranteed consumer attention.
    #Tiktokmademebuyit... Somewhere Else
    With Gen Z hesitating to buy through social, how can brands make the most of social commerce?
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    Post Malone Shows How To 'Raise' Cane's
    One male rocker/rapper has found a way to make news and inspire smiles with an ingenious cross-promotion celebrating three things Texans love.
    Don't Wait to Prioritize Brand Awareness -- Act Now
    Think of your brand awareness strategy as always on, with key campaigns activated throughout the year. If one doesn't succeed, forge ahead with a deeper ability to pivot.
    It's Really Hard To Get To Know An Agency Over Zoom
    That's a big problem because the best work has always come from great partnerships and collaboration.
    Up Your Guest Game With Hotel Technology
    It may be time to step up technology not only for the sake of efficiency and costs, but as a way to appeal to potential customers.
    How New Media Is Changing Brand Creative
    For one example: On social, creators are creative directors who authentically speak to how they use and appreciate the product.
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