Politics And The Power Of Empathy
    Winning candidates will be successful at demonstrating (or at least feigning) empathy for their constituents -- a good lesson for marketers.
    Tailoring Your Mobile Strategy To Connect With Consumers
    In order to develop consumer relationships through mobile, marketers must keep three factors in mind: channel, intent and consent.
    How To Cut CMO Turnover
    Have clear metrics; listen to your CMO -- these are among the tips to make your marketing program turnover-proof.
    Personalize -- But With Purpose
    Though the pressure to personalize marketing is increasing across all channels, marketers are missing a roadmap for success.
    Now What? Google's Parallel Tracking Deadline is Here
    If you are running paid advertising campaigns on Google Ads, the benefits are clear: speeded-up landing page load times.
    What Every CMO Can Learn From Burger King's Campaign
    AI is enabling marketers to be more accountable for their creative work, helping us test and compare copy and design choices.
    How To Avoid A Cringey Or Embarrassing Business Name
    A name should appeal to your specific audience and help you succeed. Bad ones can drive customers away.
  • DATA
    5 Predictions For Data Management's Future
    While many in the industry worry that this year's data-privacy reckoning will harm the business, the truth is, it will actually make it stronger.
    5 Digital Marketing Tips For The Holiday Season
    Complement your in-store marketing plan with a strong digital strategy that encourages lapsed customers to complete a purchase and drives brand awareness.
    Taming The Digital Marketing Juggernaut
    Multiple research studies have shown that improved personalization can boost return on marketing spend by as much as 70%.
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