Succeeding at Facebook Marketing Takes an "All Data Sources on Deck" Approach
    To generate ROI from a Facebook marketing strategy, marketers should combine CRM and survey results with data analytics, filling in the gaps between their own customer information and Facebook profiles.
    Addressable TV Serves The Industry Today's Most Valuable Ad Impression
    Throw out those old marketing textbooks -- television is no longer just an upper-funnel vehicle.
    People-based Marketing: Everything Old is New Again
    While the language we use to describe the practice is new, the fundamental concept at the heart of people-based marketing is as old as marketing itself - engaging real people with relevant offers based on what you know.
    Retailers: While You Were Fighting Giants on the Internet, The Store Across The Street Just Ate Your Lunch
    So far in 2017, 10 U.S. retailers have been pushed into bankruptcy. While the narrative generally points to e-commerce as the culprit, the changes made in the retail landscape aren't by Amazon alone.
    Too Much Programmatic Still Targets Devices, Not Users
    Cross-device is a tactic, not a strategy
    Why The New iPhones Will Sucker-Punch - Then Rocket-Launch - Intelligent Packaging
    With the launch of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, I believe we'll soon see an explosion in NFC tags.
    Time To Meet Your Partners: Why Ad Tech Must Follow Fintech's Lead
    It's time to look for a new solution that brings buyers and sellers into partnership, without sacrificing the benefits of programmatic and RTB media buying technologies.
    Put Boomer Women on Your 'Nice' List This Holiday Season
    Boomer women control half of the country's discretionary income and 75% of its wealth. But they're still ignored by marketers, even during the Holidays.
    Don't go with the flow - swim against the tide
    Big companies can't win a war of incremental product improvements - to deliver true brand growth, they need to take a radical tack, says J Walker Smith, Executive Chairman at Kantar Futures.
    Racing for Relevance: Why Rapid Response is the New Competitive Edge for Brands
    In order to remain relevant, brands must position themselves for rapid response to ever-changing consumer needs.
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