Brands, Consumers, Look To Balance Duality In Pandemic Life
    Brands must show people empathy for the conflicts they are facing. From this point of shared understanding, brands can start to offer solutions.
    3 Key Tactics For D2C Marketers This Holiday Season
    The holiday season represents a time when media opportunities and product seasonality converge in a perfect customer acquisition storm. But this year is complicated.
    Why Brands Should Invest In Gaming
    In a world of social media-induced anxieties, gaming is providing people with micro-doses of success and little drops of dopamine throughout the day.
    Hispanic' Preferred Over 'Latinx' When Describing Ethnicity
    The assumption that college-educated Hispanics or younger Hispanics prefer the term "Latinx" is not supported by recent study.
    How Technology Brands Can Stand Out In The New Normal
    These four trends explore ways tech brands can differentiate and provide value in our ever-changing reality.
    COVID-19 Requires Brands To Aid Community Relief Efforts
    Consumers expect brands to step up and be a force for good.
    Are We Blindly Following Data?
    The data suggests that we as marketers should be creating content that is 15 seconds or less versus longer videos.
    Branded Face Masks Are The New Normal: How To Do Them Right
    If you're considering how face masks fit into your brand's plan for connecting with customers, here are three great examples for inspiration.
    From Crisis To Innovation: Companies Draw Inspiration From Pandemic
    Here are some of the most interesting and innovative pivots and adaptations we've seen over the past few months.
    The Future of Halloween During A Pandemic, According To Moms
    It's not Halloween monsters and ghosts that frighten moms, it's the fear of disappointing their children.
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