How Technology Brands Can Stand Out In The New Normal

From Zoom dates to 3D printing of PPE masks, technology solutions, and the companies behind them, have been at the forefront of helping us adapt to the new realities of daily life.

As we look to a myriad of tech companies, big and small, to lead us forward, it is increasingly important for tech brands to find distinct ways to stand out and solidify what they stand for. These four trends explore ways tech brands can differentiate and provide value in our ever-changing reality.

Leading the mobilization of remote workforces, long-term. Even after the pandemic subsides, remote working is here to stay. Companies will need to evolve recruiting, onboarding and motivating employees in the new era of decentralized working.

Tech companies, like Slack, are a step ahead in this arena and can offer best practices to help companies new to the “work-from-home” space continue to build their culture and rally remote teams.

Providing enterprise support for everyone.The global pandemic has been a catalyst for organizations, opening up previously enterprise-only products and features to non-enterprise users in an effort to lower the burden of lockdowns on businesses and the economy. For now, businesses of all sizes can operate at an enterprise level. Early on, Instagram rapidly deployed training, tools and support for businesses — many of them temporarily free.



As we adapt to life with COVID-19 long term, tech brands should continue to identify ways they can use their expertise and tools to help smaller companies, especially local businesses, succeed in the tumultuous economic environment.

Elevating predictability and control. As everything from grocery shopping to global supply chains became less dependable and consistent, themes of predictability and control are rising in importance for customers and businesses.

Tech brands need to give a sense of control back to customers by building confidence in their ability to deliver reliable, steady solutions. Salesforce’s new service helps businesses remove uncertainty as they return to the workplace.

Leaning into the power of purpose. “We’re all in this together” was a nearly universal promise from brands and communities alike throughout the initial shockwave of COVID-19. As all businesses become more digital and top technical talent become more in demand across industries, to attract qualified prospects tech companies will need to focus on the importance of unity and the impact each new employee can make for the business – and humanity.

For example, One Medical demonstrated from the very beginning how every employee plays a role in delivering on their company mission and brand purpose. Its career page touts its commitment to its workers.

Now is the opportune time for technology brands to solidify what they stand for and align their efforts behind the unique impact they can make for their customers, their employees, and the world.

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