Micro-Influencers: Secret Weapon For Mid-funnel Marketing
    As a sales feeder, as opposed to a salesperson, the influencer's role is to cultivate connections and engagement that can then be leveraged into sales.
    Creating An In-Person Brand Experience In The Digital Age
    When working to execute a captivating brand experience in the digital age, it's important to consider both the in-person and digital audience.
    Do Pharma Brands Still Need Consumer Websites?
    Rather than abandoning pharma brand websites, brands should optimize their experiences for key moments in the consumer journey.
    Don't Be A Creative Zombie: Put Humanity Before Automation
    Every digital ad campaign should start with a human conversation, not with a data entry field.
    Can Algorithms Feel? Use Emotion To Elevate Search Engine Marketing
    SEO is fundamentally rooted in understanding a customer's needs and desires -- and how that customer communicates those needs.
    What's An Amazon Ad Worth? More Than You Think
    One study found that advertising on Amazon works much harder than some advertisers may give it credit for, and drives significant sales across other retail channels.
    How Brands Can Use Podcasts To Appeal To Multicultural Audiences
    The best way for brands to show their commitment to multicultural audiences is to align themselves with content that's relevant to each individual group.
  • Smart Business: Why Beverage Makers Are Falling For Cannabis Industry
    It's clear that cannabis is both a threat to, and a huge opportunity for, the beverage industry.
    Let's Throw The Idea Of Brand Life Cycle Out The Window
    The idea that brands have a predetermined lifespan is scientifically inaccurate, and leads marketers to miss tremendous opportunities.
    How To Make Fintech Attractive To Millennials
    Millennials are easily powering the fintech revolution and making way for start-ups to radically change a rather stuffy and traditional industry.
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