Post-Xmas Mobile Opportunity: Huge Audiences, Low eCPMs
    Consumers' app usage is at its highest during the post-Christmas period, translating to an increase in mobile ad requests.
    Demographics Vs. Identity: Cultivating The New Multicultural Mainstream
    After the 2016 election, I assumed multicultural marketing was set to fade. I couldn't have been more wrong.
    How Nanoinfluencers Deliver Higher ROI
    At scale, the use of nanoinfluencers -- those with 10,000 or fewer followers -- can mean enormous savings and effective campaigns.
  • DATA
    3 Critical Questions Advertisers Must Ask Their Data Partners -- Including Facebook
    Media has quickly shifted to a data-led buying approach, bringing massive improvement in reach and efficiency, but also perpetuating fraud.
  • How America Really Shops For The Holidays
    When it comes to targeting consumers, just like our beloved family members, one size will not fit all this holiday season.
    5 Signs Your Brand Needs Some Truth
    Brand marketers cannot afford to dismiss customer dissatisfaction when competing for market share.
    When Co-Workers Go Rogue: How to Guard Your Brand
    Well-intentioned employees slowly erode brand consistency by designing things themselves or outsourcing to their personal freelance network.
  • DATA
    Diversification Beyond The Duopoly: The ROI You're Overlooking
    Non-duopoly ad-network buys enable advertisers to extract valuable audience insights and apply them to media buys on other platforms.
  • GEN Z
    8 Ways Gen-Z Moms Differ From Millennial Moms
    The oldest of Gen-Z moms are 25 years old and are entering motherhood with all the spending that moms represent to the U.S. economy.
    Why Brands Should Stop Moving Ad-Traffic Verification In-House
    Problem: Fraudsters launch schemes at the publisher level, yet we continue to move verification closer to the demand side.
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