'Tis The Season For Short-Form Video Campaigns
    The benefit of short-form video is twofold: it's much easier to create, and it doesn't overestimate the attention span of your viewer.
    No. 1 Missed Opportunity This Weekend: Saturday Conversions
    Since most marketers are focused on Black Friday, a message on Saturday has a much better chance of not being drowned out by other marketing noise.
    Why DTCD (Direct-To-Consumer DATA) Is Secret To DTC Success
    DTC brands are succeeding because they are not afraid to challenge deep-seated marketing myths about data.
    Anything But Simple: Picking Through Soup Of Social Media
    Our annual study ranked social media as the second most complicated industry in the world.
    How Brands Can Use Influencers Successfully
    Knowing your brand and the "brand" of the influencer is paramount.
    Video Now Up For Grabs After Facebook's Abdication
    The opportunity is ripe for anyone invested in social to use video to finally grow consumer engagement outside Facebook's ever-closing walls.
    Boxed Wine -- No, Wait, Tide -- And The Digital State Of CPG Industry
    Tide's new packaging is creating quite the stir. Does it look like a wine box? Absolutely. Is that why Tide is considered a digital leader in its peer set?
  • Proving Trade Show ROI With Data-Quality Best Practices
    For one, aim for clean data from the get-go in your pre-show marketing plan.
    Black Friday, Black Hole For Retailers: How To Fix It
    How can retailers make Black Friday more pleasant? One poll showed 68% of consumers plan to shop online then, rather than experience the day's bloody melees.
    Is Nontraditional Sports Marketing The Way To Reach Gen Z?
    This demographic, which is on track to outnumber millennials by 1 million by 2020, is changing the way sports are watched and marketed.
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