Help Plan Your Campaigns With Economic Insight
    Broad strokes indicators like consumer sentiment and inflation can be useful in trying to plan your ad spend.
    Not All Marketing Data Is Created Equal
    To evaluate brand health, replace your vanity metrics with ones that offer real insights.
  • First Week Of Fall -- So, What's Your Holiday Sales Strategy?
    Here are some tips to consider. For example, go beyond Facebook and Instagram to reach more consumers.
    Today's Workplace Culture Gap
    A strong corporate culture will translate into a strong relationship between a brand and its stakeholders.
    Practical Steps Brands Can Take To Navigate Disruption
    For example: Start having a two-way dialogue with consumers.
    Leading Hotels Of The World: Lessons In Agile Marketing
    LHW launched more campaigns in the third quarter of 2020 than it had in years past, increasing its cross-functional collaboration and innovation.
    The Power Of Difference In Creative Materials
    Recognize intersections, not stereotypes -- and other tips on how to implement diversity in creative materials and your workplace.
  • DATA
    Marketers, Stop Apologizing: It's OK To Use Data
    Let's pause and consider something radical. What if it's OK to track consumers individually and personalize advertising?
    Time For The Retroweb Reboot?
    I've been thinking about a couple of sites that felt homegrown, hopeful, free-form and experimental, and how they could be rebooted for the 2020s.
    The Junk Mail & The Damage Done
    Why lazy, me-first, long-odds sales outreach is bad for everyone -- even the salesperson who argues "It's a game of percentages."
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