Time For The Retroweb Reboot?
    I've been thinking about a couple of sites that felt homegrown, hopeful, free-form and experimental, and how they could be rebooted for the 2020s.
    The Junk Mail & The Damage Done
    Why lazy, me-first, long-odds sales outreach is bad for everyone -- even the salesperson who argues "It's a game of percentages."
    Sports Marketing's Biggest Storylines Still Revolve Around Fan Receptivity
    The hot potato of the moment is vaccination mandates.
    'Eureka!' Is Just A Starting Point
    In most cases, especially in marketing and business, it's after your moment of "eureka" -- when you make a big realization -- that the work really begins.
    4 Smarter AI Strategies To Boost Marketing
    Moving beyond the basics in AI adoption is important to get the most out of your marketing strategies.
    How -- And Why -- Brands Should Better Support Our Troops
    Brands that honor service members support millions of consumers, reminding us that our way of life is made possible by ongoing sacrifices of a special group.
    Be Real, Relevant And Live: Creating Social Video With Impact
    Consumers want to peek behind the curtain, get exclusive access and see the reality of a brand or person.
    Sustainability Must Deliver Value To Make Tangible Impact
    Marketers need a solution-first (not tech-first) mindset, with an emphasis on delivering value for all stakeholders across the value chain.
    'Say My Name': How To Increase Brand Recognition In Audio Advertising
    Nine out of the 10 highest-indexing audio logos include the brand's name in the spot.
    Considering The Subscription-Box Model? Here's Help
    The subscription-box model thrived during the pandemic, but has been embraced more by certain verticals/products and certain types of consumers.
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