4 Questions Marketers Must Ask Their Media Agency
    For one: What creative approaches to media execution is the agency taking?
    Latinos Will Be Future Drivers Of Spending In U.S.
    With a younger average age, larger households, and higher education levels, Latinos will be the workforce spending money, paying into systems that will need funding.
    Adapting With Confidence: The Key Role of Risk-Taking In Marketing
    t's all about confidently testing and adapting to the ever-evolving landscape, particularly when that evolution is driven by consumer feedback.
  • QSR
    What QSRs Should Be Prioritizing Now
    QSRs made rapid gains during the pandemic -- and now that's slowed. One priority for the current moment: Make your data accessible but also actionable.
  • B2B
    B2B Marketers Need Content Personas
    To connect with buyers' emotions, we need to think about content in different flavors or "personalities."
    Why Strategic M&A Activity Can Be A Growth Engine For Your Company
    Businesses that use M&A to enhance their capabilities can position themselves as client growth centers, which can lead to increased revenue.
    Stop Running Campaigns, Start Creating Ecosystems
    Tactically, the ecosystem method requires a holistic approach that blurs the lines between owned, organic, and paid.
    Who Are You, And Why Do I Care?
    Most marketers don't know who their brands are anymore. Call it Brand Personality Disorder, an expensive problem that will bankrupt marketing unless we interrupt it.
    Marriott Maximizes March Madness
    Marriott leverages its role as official hotel partner of the NCAA to reach a huge fan audience and drive even more customers to its Marriott Bonvoy loyalty program.
    A Tempest In A Beer Can
    Bud Light teaches brands how NOT to use social media.
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