8 Ways Gen-Z Moms Differ From Millennial Moms

Yes, you read that right: Gen-Z moms.  Just when you thought you had figured out the behaviors of millennial moms, here come Generation-Z mothers.  The oldest of the latter cohort are 25 years old and are entering motherhood with all the spending that moms represent to the U.S. economy. 

It’s predicted that the Gen-Z population will control more than $44 billion in spending by the year 2020, according to Futurecast. When you consider that 85% of household income is controlled by moms, according to BSM Media research,research, you realize it’s time to focus on this powerful consumer segment.  

For marketers who assume that Gen-Z moms will mimic the behaviors of the millennial mom population, nothing could be further from the truth.  Don’t believe it?  Consider this list of eight qualities that differentiate these two segments of mom consumers. 

Tech Savvy vs Digital Natives. Millennial moms are tech-savvy, having adopted technology as it evolved during their childhoods, and today they navigate online easily.  The Gen-Z mom is a digital native who was born into technology and therefore lives online innately. From artificial intelligence to virtual reality, Gen Z moms will expect to interact with brands fluidly between technologies.



Multitaskers vs Uber-taskers. Millennial moms can juggle family and life using technology, typically bouncing between two screens, while Gen Z moms will be uber-taskers, more efficiently using four to five screens to manage the demands of family life. 

Scroll vs Filters. The millennial mom scrolls social media to discover new products for her family, while the Gen-Z mom uses the same type of filtering processing she used as a teenager on Snapchat and Instagram.  Filters either mentally or physically allow her to skim through ads, images, and videos quickly to determine if the messaging is relevant to her needs. 

Futuristic vs Realistic. The Gen Z Moms2B have been watching and learning from millennials.  They know what happens when you begin a family strapped with student loans and big futuristic plans, so they elect to be realistic.  They live in the present and cautiously spend their money. 

Pinterest Planners vs Dinner Kit Planners. Family meal planning will take on a new look with Gen-Z moms, who will apply their efficient use of technology to order meal kits and prepped meals for their families.  Pinterest may still inspire her like her millennial predecessors, but she’d rather spend her time bonding with her children than fighting over the glaze on her cake pops. 

Online shopping vs Thrifting. Mobile shopping may have been efficient for the millennial mom, but the Gen-Z mother wants more from the products she buys. As a teenager, she saved money and repurposed products by thrifting, and she’s likely to continue to enjoy the thrill of seek and find with her family’s needs. 

Mini-Van Moms vs Uber Moms. Getting to where you need to be easily, quickly, and without the challenges of parking and expense of car maintenance is appealing to the Gen-Z mom, who has been ride-sharing since she was a teen. Expect to see Uber and Lyft add car-seat-ready vehicles to their options as the Gen-Z mom segment grows. We’re also likely to see more kid-friendly carpooling services emerge to meet the demands of busy Gen-Z moms. 

Creative vs Innovative. Millennial moms may be known as the Pinterest generation, sharing their creative products on  Etsy, but Gen-Z moms will use their knowledge of technology to be the innovation generation. These women have been digital entrepreneurs since they were teens, and as adults, brands can expect to see them kick it up a notch with one-of-a-kind and first-ever product ideas. 

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