Millennial Parents: TV Becomes The 'Good Screen'
    It's ironic that millennials, the original "digital natives," are pretty anti-digital parents, and would "rather my kid watch TV than be online."
    How To Ensure A Diverse Speaker Lineup At Your Next Event
    First, set a specific goal, which allows you to easily track progress. And make that goal visible to everyone involved in your organization.
  • MLL Plans Rebranding, Enhanced Marketing With Eye On Olympics
    Lacrosse organizations nationwide aim to boost the image and growth of the sport, with one major goal: to be included in the 2028 Los Angeles Summer Games.
    How Legal Beagles Help Marketers: Q&A With Brian Murphy
    Attorney Brian G. Murphy discusses the challenges advertising lawyers face.
    Customization Key To Reducing Churn, Winning Gen Z's Heart
    KPMG found that many businesses that personalize online user experiences are seeing sales increases of 19% on average.
    Marketing To A Dark-Social World
    According to one report, 84% of consumers' outbound sharing now takes place via dark-social channels. Learn how to tap this market.
    Social-Cause Marketing: Commit To Being The Difference, Or Don't Commit At All
    What can brands do to embrace an authentic approach to social-cause marketing?
    The Most Common Mistakes Brands Make When Targeting Hispanic Audiences
    Mistakes range from "lumping us all together as Latinos" to failing "to develop cultural intelligence and fluency."
    Adulting FTW: America's Newest Grownups Shift Consumption Of Media, Goods
    Millennials and Gen Z are nothing if not diverse and complex, very different from the common perceptions we've been fed about them via the media.
    AR Advertising 101: What Marketers Need to Know
    Augmented reality is growing rapidly, with revenue estimated to reach a staggering $14 billion in 2021.
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