Bitcoin Is Ready For Digital Marketing; Is The Industry Ready For Bitcoin?
    For digital marketing - from ad tech and agencies to the entire ecosystem - initial blockchain conversations should center on application and readiness. For example, how do we use these new solutions to help publishers, agencies, advertisers, and consumers? Is my organization actually ready to green-light a multimillion-dollar blockchain initiative?
    Are Millennial Dads the New Quality Consumer?
    Millennials' spending habits have been researched and discussed extensively. However, as this generation grows older, our research has identified a new trend that has yet touched upon.
    3 Ways To Engage U.S. Hispanic Audiences Effectively
    When brands think about reaching Hispanic audiences in the United States, they often consider which language to advertise in or which aspect of their rich culture to highlight. While there is no question that this is invaluable for any advertising push aimed at U.S. Hispanics, there's another facet that brands also need to examine, i.e., the platforms actively used by this audience.
    5 Keys To Building An Effective SEO Marketing Plan
    Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a scary-sounding phrase that involves maximizing the number of visitors to your webpage. It's one of the main marketing tools that agencies, mine included, use to get people to visit websites. However, any company could benefit from quality SEO. The field can change often, so having a complete strategy, with different avenues to explore, is a great way to move forward. Below, I have included some tips for crafting a well-rounded strategy.
    4 Tips For Creating A Smart Video Marketing Strategy
    No one's asking anymore whether their marketing plans should include video. What they're asking is, How many different ways can we use it? and How do we do it right?
    Big Tech: Opportunity Is Knocking On The Adherence Door
    Taking medicine is part of most adults' daily routine. In fact, nearly three of five American adults take at least one medication a day, and the number of patients taking five or more prescription medications has more than doubled in the past decade. But for many patients, taking their medicine as their healthcare provider prescribes is a real issue. And about half of patients with chronic diseases don't take their medication properly.
    Is Product The New Marketing?
    When it comes to products that I can't live without, my list is pretty small. In fact, I'm not really a stuff guy. For a product to cross over into this existential category, it needs to connect deeply and on a variety of levels.
    Top 5 Out-Of-Home Advertising Trends
    Out of home is the only traditional media seeing ad spending growth right now, and for good reason. It remains relevant despite continued development and deployment of new media that have drawn eyeballs away from newspapers, magazines and linear television.
    How AI Can Help 'Moneyball' Product Launches
    A TV show in the late-1990s called "Early Edition" was based on the premise that a guy received the next day's newspaper a day early. The hero then had 24 hours to set things right.
    International Cup Challenge A World Cup Test For U.S. Marketers, Fans, Media
    Fans and brands feeling down after the conclusion of the FIFA World Cup and seeing the hosting of the 2026 event as too far in the future have a respite in the International Champions Cup presented by Heineken.
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