3 Ways To Engage U.S. Hispanic Audiences Effectively

When brands think about reaching Hispanic audiences in the United States, they often consider which language to advertise in or which aspect of their rich culture to highlight. While there is no question that this is invaluable for any advertising push aimed at U.S. Hispanics, there’s another facet that brands also need to examine, i.e., the platforms actively used by this audience.

Knowing how to approach Hispanics means advertisers can connect with them better and ensure they are using the platform that is most effective for their campaign and objectives. U.S. Hispanics are tech-forward and are increasingly consuming content and ads digitally more than any other non-Hispanic groups. For brands trying to target and influence the U.S. Hispanic market, research has shown that mobile, influencer marketing, and impactful creative ads are essential to engaging this unique market. 


Hispanics were early adopters of smartphones and are known as “super mobile, super consumers.” On average, Hispanics spend more time on their smartphones than any other demographic, whether it’s streaming video or music, using social media platforms, or searching for information online. Third-generation Hispanics and Hispanic Millennials are also, unsurprisingly, more likely to use their mobile phones to access the internet and read up on the news.



Given how present this demographic is on mobile, it’s incredibly important for marketers to come up with campaigns that work within the technological constraints (screen size, video quality, potentially spotty data access) while still being engaging and memorable. 

Influencer marketing

Hispanics are heavy social media users on platforms such as WhatsApp, using them to stay connected to their culture and their families. As a result, a company that’s able to tap into these networks, whether by advertising on a platform that Hispanics are heavily present on or through strong word-of-mouth campaigns, is much more likely to fully penetrate the Hispanic market. 

Hispanics are generally more likely to be influenced by people they know and trust, so running a campaign featuring both macro and micro influencers is a good way of raising awareness amongst Hispanic audiences. 

Impactful creative

Mobile is king for this market, which shows advertisers what they need to consider to create an effective ad unit. Based on my experience in the world of Hispanic advertising, consumers generally respond better to rich media such as ads that feature images, videos, audio, or anything that allows people to interact with what they see on screen. Hispanics also spend 66% more time watching videos on their smartphones than other demographics. Adding animations, embedding a location locator map, or including other interactive features works to generate engagement from the U.S. Hispanic audience, thus ensuring desired campaign results.

Understanding the platforms that are most effective when reaching U.S. Hispanics is instrumental for brands and advertising, not least because it tells you where you should be placing your ads, but because it also informs the content and tenor of your advertising.

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