Social Media Best Way To Vet Your Next CMO

Hiring for key leadership positions is tricky business. You want someone experienced in building and leading teams, with industry-specific knowledge about the departments they’ll be serving.

Scouting for a CMO can be even trickier still, as today’s marketing leaders are taking on roles that go far beyond what CMOs have traditionally handled.

Simply put, you can’t afford to hire someone who is unfamiliar with the most cutting-edge social media marketing strategies. You need an authority who knows how to walk the walk, lest you risk falling behind or making costly investments in the wrong areas.

Luckily, while social media has expanded the scope of CMO responsibilities, it has also made the vetting process easier.

Using Social to Validate Your Next CMO

Below is a checklist of qualifiers that CMO contenders should have. Use this as a point of reference when reviewing each candidate’s background and social media presence.



They're up to date on new features. The best way to understand a social tactic is to test it out yourself. Look for evidence that candidates are testing out new platform features: Have they posted a video natively to LinkedIn? Do they create Instagram stories? Are they using 280 characters on Twitter?

These are all indicators that this person not only knows each network, but is embracing the newest features as they come. This is a person open to learning — which is crucial in the ever-changing social space.

They use social to engage, not just broadcast.  Check out each candidate’s recent replies, retweets, and other types of interaction. A broadcast-only account points to a CMO who may simply be scheduling posts or having an agency remotely run it. Your next CMO should want to get his/her hands dirty.

Also, see if their values align with those of your brand. The types of content a person posts will speak volumes about their personality and can tell you whether they’ll be a good cultural fit.

They get mentioned by their peers. CMOs are leaders in digital transformation. Listening to mentions of their name should reflect that. They should be actively crafting a name for themselves in this space through thought leadership content and strategic engagement.

Someone who is well recognized and respected by their peers will lend credibility to your organization, and further verify that person’s leadership background.

Attract and Engage Your Next CMO

If you’re already in communication with potential CMOs, the above steps are a great way to differentiate applicants. If you’re still early in the discovery process, you can also use social media to draw talent to your brand.

Engage with leaders to get your company on their radar. Make sure your corporate presence is attractive to potential employees by showcasing the talent and culture at your office. Why would people want to join your team? Create content that answers this question to get their attention. If you succeed in starting some conversations, feel free to slide into their DMs to move things along. Happy hunting!

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