• Is There A Reliable Standard To Measure Social Media Engagement?
    The Open Engagement Rate was born as an open-source measurement that uses publicly available data and is completely transparent in its methodology.
    Hispanics Continue To Break The Mold With Census Answers
    For example, more than 20 million Hispanics identified with more than one race in the 2020 census.
    Small But Mighty: The Rise Of Smaller CPG Brands
    Small brands are innovating to deliver on such values as authenticity, and are able to adapt faster than large brands.
    Top 3 Retail Strategies As COVID Continues
    If you're only building a path to purchase, you're only focused on servicing the sale -- versus all the other things a customer cares about.
    Demystifying AI For Personalization
    Another particularly helpful role AI / ML can play is to detect customer segments and help create personas.
  • Gen Z Wants More Diverse Representation In Research
    For example, learn how to handle sensitive questions study participants may not want to answer.
    Lift Your Game With Esports Marketing
    When you're in-game, you are totally immersed. And that's where the opportunity lies for brands, because most gamers block ads and delete cookies.
    Is Your Marketing Leveraging The Changing Hispanic Demographic?
    The first key takeaway from the 2020 Census shows Hispanics are having a baby boom.
    Help Plan Your Campaigns With Economic Insight
    Broad strokes indicators like consumer sentiment and inflation can be useful in trying to plan your ad spend.
    Not All Marketing Data Is Created Equal
    To evaluate brand health, replace your vanity metrics with ones that offer real insights.
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