• We Shop Together: How Hispanic Collectivism Affects Online Buys
    English-language-first family members often wield tremendous influence over purchases made by Spanish-language-first loved ones.
    Should Brands Emulate Political Marketing?
    Some stand-out tactics worked well for candidates and are worthy of emulation, while others have no place in business.
    Marketing In COVID Era: Now More Than Ever, Fortune Favors The Bold
    This is the time to increase spending to capture greater market share, build customer loyalty, and aggressively supplant your competition.
    Winning The Gift Card Redemption Season
    For example, use social media to direct consumers to retailers who have inventory of your products.
    For Marketers, 2021 Is Year Of Earning Consumer Trust
    Consumers now demand-and deserve-transparent relationships with brands.
    Moving Beyond The Limitations Of Loyalty Programs
    Loyalty programs as we know them need to be reimagined, so they can deliver greater value to a brand in the short and long term.
    How Much Is Too Much? Election Provides Valuable Marketing Lessons
    Too many election emails? Campaign just past exemplifies why testing frequency and cadence is critically important.
  • Think 'Tone Of Voice' Is Just For Marketing? Think Again
    Help your tone of voice flourish all through your business, and you'll soon reap the rewards.
    Marketing To Asian Identity, Not Assumptions
    What name -- Asian American? Asian? Country of origin? -- do Asians living in the U.S. prefer to be identified by?
    How To Measure Podcast Results, Efficiency
    For one, promo codes give advertisers direct results for purchases driven by a podcast's call-to-action.
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