Considering Trust In Marketing
    Here are four common causes for mistrust -- and what you can do to avoid them:
    Learn To Tap Cultural Moments As Second Screen Evolves
    Brands looking to reach consumers during cultural moments, such as live broadcasts of major sporting events, must be thinking beyond the big screen in the room if they want their media buys to move the needle.
    Maximize Sales By Avoiding Back-to-School Syndrome
    If you aren't careful, the sales gains you achieve during back-to-school shopping can come at the expense of diminished revenues over the long-term.
    Why Hispanics Are The Future Of The Auto Industry
    What, then, should brands be doing in order to maximize their appeal to Hispanic consumers?
    Web's Wild West Spawns Brand-Safety Crisis
    Brand safety -- avoiding ads placed alongside inappropriate content -- is one of the advertising industry's most pressing issues.
    Amazon's Prime-Day Takeaway: It's All About Customer Relations
    Prime Day success comes as a result of tapping customer data for targeted engagements and establishing relationships that extend beyond a sale.
    How Brands Can Keep Up With Modern Americana
    The idea of "Modern Americana" recognizes the value of traditions both old and new, and acknowledges the diversity of experiences that exist today.
    Boomers And Brand Naming - Why You Should Care
    Herein lies the challenge of any good brand name - for it to be truly valuable, it needs to become ubiquitous.
    4 Attributes For Marketers
    If someone has all four of these attributes, the chances are that they'd make a marvelous marketer.
    How CPG Brands Can Compete In The Instant Gratification Economy
    At the beginning of July, Colgate-Palmolive announced plans to acquire a minority stake in eye contacts startup Hubble. This is just the latest example of how established CPG companies are taking major steps to compete with disruptive startups.
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