The New CMOs? Chief Growth Officers
    CMOs deserve a transformation that allows them to better accomplish the ultimate goal of driving value and growth that goes beyond mere brand awareness.
    Teens Flip For New Sport: Gtramp
    Garden trampoline, a sport where athletes (typically tween and teen males) use a trampoline to perform flips, has exploded on social media.
    What Makes Food/Beverage Brands 'Authentic' To U.S. Hispanics
    Latin American brands marketing to a Latin American audience might feel that they know their customers well enough. But is well enough good enough?
  • AR
    3 Reasons Why AR Can Help Transform Digital Marketing
    For one: AR can be made easy to consume and share.
    The Case For In Person-Immersive 'Listening' To Understand Sports Fan Behavior
    In-venue observational research under trained eyes and with appropriate moderator interactions can capture emotional connections or frustrations in real time.
    Major-Life Purchase Marketing: Making Complex Decisions Easier
    Path to purchase for major-life purchases is often drastically different, depending on consumer -- so the marketing approach must be, too.
    Survey Fatigue: Are You Reaching Your Customers Effectively?
    Consumers are tired of the seemingly endless blizzard of surveys they receive -- but used properly, surveys can be an efficient method to connect with customers.
    5 Ways CFOs Can Drive Relevance At Scale
    Delivering relevance at scale means adapting the consumer goods supply chain for new levels of personalization and multiple sales channels.
    7 Women In Marketing Share Career Advice They Wish They'd Heard Earlier
    Among the gems: Stop apologizing unnecessarily. You don't have to know - or act like you know - everything.
    Beyond The Pipe: Emergence Of Cannabis Edibles Industry
    In a few years, the average consumers of this market are going to resemble consumers for any CPG market.
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