7 Women In Marketing Share Career Advice They Wish They'd Heard Earlier
    Among the gems: Stop apologizing unnecessarily. You don't have to know - or act like you know - everything.
    Beyond The Pipe: Emergence Of Cannabis Edibles Industry
    In a few years, the average consumers of this market are going to resemble consumers for any CPG market.
    5 Rules To Make Or Break Influencer Marketing Results
    For example, qualify influencers before sending out free products -- and spell out exactly what you're expecting from them.
    Why D2C Brands Should Invest In TV Advertising
    For one, TV ads provide reassurance that a brand is legitimate; they also enable you to tell a cohesive story.
  • MOMS
    7 Reasons Why Spring Is Great Selling Season For Targeting Millennial Moms
    From March to June, moms will spend nearly 2/3 of what they spent on gifts and meals during their Christmas shopping season, according to a survey by BSM Media.
    How Authentic Influence Is Earned
    Influence can only be earned from the ground up, via high category engagement, consistently high purchase intent, early adoption in the category and very high expenditure.
    3 Steps To Break Through The Noise Of A Cultural Tentpole
    Here's how you can capitalize on these cultural moments through experiential marketing tactics.
    Why The Wine Industry Should Target Hispanic Millennials
    Unlike other consumers who are introduced to wine by older generations, Hispanics' interest in wine is being influenced by their children.
    Stopping The Marketing Silo Creep
    It's easy to slide into a siloed system in marketing because our entire operation is based on a collection of channels -- but consumers don't exist in one channel at a time.
    Subscription Sales: New Loyalty Tool To Amazon-Proof Your Business
    Subscription businesses drive greater customer loyalty compared to companies with one-off transaction models. They can personalize services like no other business can.
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