Uncovering The Value Of Influencers In 2019
    Brand demand is increasing at a quicker rate than new talent is developing, so in 2019 we can expect companies with deep pockets to pay asking rates.
    2019 Resolution: Marketers, Stop the AI-Hype Cycle
    At worst, the technology won't be taken seriously as a result of industry failure and false promises.
    The 'Not So Secret' Formula That Gives Marketers A Competitive Advantage
    Best marketers intimately understand the lifetime value of a new customer and build their customer acquisition formulas around long-term success, not day-one revenue.
    Driving Restaurant Visits: Where To Place Your Ad
    Here are some best practices for QSR and Fast Casual restaurants advertising.
    3 Reasons Why Growing Businesses Have A Content Advantage
    Business today is digital, so content is critical. Heck, even the Dollar Shave Club offers a handy magazine with each razor delivery.
    3 Multicultural Marketing Trends Heralded By 'Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse'
    This incredibly creative animated superhero film has shattered creative barriers, broken box office records, and pointed to the future of marketing.
    Do You Really Need Artificial Intelligence? How To Decide
    Brands' objective should guide their AI journey -- and reveal whether they actually need AI or not.
  • DATA
    How Marketers Will Benefit From Data Transparency Label
    Data quality and integrity matters more than ever in an era of seemingly daily reports about unethical and questionable data use.
    Changing Face Of Retail Innovation In 2019
    Upcoming trends: Retail locations will function as an awareness, NOT purchase channel -- and will also focus on convenience.
    5 Marketing Strategies To Start 2019 Right
    New and innovative formats are allowing brands to create stronger connections with their audiences. Here's how to use those formats in the new year.
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