How To Combine Performance Advertising With Content Marketing
    Turn content pieces into evergreen, retargeting ad campaigns that will constantly nurture people at each stage of your funnel.
    Marketers, Let's Face The Amazon Skills Gap
    Brands and agencies should groom existing digital marketing personnel to fill the role.
  • CPG
    Why Private Label Is Eating Your Lunch -- And What You Can Do About It
    What are shoppers really saying when they buy that jar of 365 extra virgin olive oil or gluten-free goodies?
    What Brands Want When Building In-House Agencies
    Brands now consider creative the starting point for bringing marketing/advertising in-house.
    SXSW: Supply-Chain Innovation In Era of Social Media Top-Of-Mind
    Organizational design is shifting among both Fortune 500 and startups alike in order to deliver innovation through agile product development cycles,
    Your Next Marketing Hire: The Content Experience Manager
    Skilled content experience managers can unify your marketing team and make sure content experience is aligned across departments.
    How Brand Names Impact Consumer Trust
    Trust in a brand's ability to deliver a certain experience can be so strong we use the name as shorthand -- like Rolls Royce for the "best of" a category.
    The Pros And Cons Of Using 'Nano Influencers'
    Nano influencers are defined as influencers with roughly 1K-5K followers, a good solution if you need to reach hyper-niche communities.
    3 Ways B2B Marketers Can Prepare for Voice Technology
    It's only a matter of time before voice upends how buyers research, consider and purchase products.
    Encouraging Consumers to Make Active Healthcare Choices
    Ensure patients are aware of digital tools to help them navigate their healthcare choices via in-office signage, phone calls, emails and direct mailings.
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