Redefining Audience Segmentation On Road to 'Next Normal'
    The pandemic will give rise to the "next normal," which will largely be defined by a change in consumer psychographics, not consumer behavior.
  • GEN Z
    Pandemic Permanently Alters Gen Z
    For many adults, quarantine is "life on pause." For Gen Z, however, it's "life cancelled." What are the implications for brands targeting Gen Z?
    Where Do We Go From Here? Examining Our New Reality
    We face a tremendous opportunity to recreate marketing.
    Tracking Fan Deprivation: How Sports Provide Connection Points During Shutdown
    In latest research, nearly half of sports fans said they would currently attend a live sporting event without hesitation -- significantly up from 34% in early April.
    Toy Industry's Biggest Challenge May Be Coming Thanks To Pandemic
    Childless shopping sprees are bad for retailers and toy makers alike.
    Pandemic Opens My Eyes To New Definition Of 'Busy'
    Working from home has forced me to rethink what it means to be busy, and how to maintain productivity while preserving some semblance of routine and well-being.
    From Panic To Celebratory Buying: Is Your Supply Chain Ready?
    How to helm supply chains throughout the pandemic? One tactic: Don't be afraid to pivot.
    COVID-19: What's Next For Brand Marketers?
    The pandemic is permanently changing consumption - both what consumers buy and how they buy it.
  • Careless Brand Messaging During Pandemic Could Have Long-Term Effects
    To any brands combining barely disguised sales pitches with high-minded themes: Watch out. Consumers are paying even more attention than usual.
    Advice For Restaurateurs In 'New' Future
    For one: Plan ways to handle customer concerns. Establish a thorough, step-by-step safety program for your restaurant.
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