• Horizon Media Lands In Web3's Biggest Sandbox
    The agency's fledgling Chapter & Verse unit has been named the full-service AOR for pioneering Web3 developer Blockchains.
  • 3.know: Evan Shapiro And The Rapid Evolution Of The New 'Television' Bundle
    Analyst and former industry insider Evan Shapiro explains his just-published "Time Spent Well" analysis of the current TV/streaming marketplace, and why the "bundle" never really went away, but has evolved into something else.
  • Synthetic Media Planning
    Twenty-four hours after publishing a column about an "arms race" between white and dark hats utilizing AI-generated media vs. detection tools, I got three pitches about new AI-enabled media planning software.
  • Is AI Just A Bunch Of Hype?
    Some consumers may currently think so, but if you check out this week's edition, I've got a surprise guest who may convince you of some pretty compelling business use cases -- especially for the ad business.
  • ANA/Bloomberg Team On A Guide To AI, A Manual One
    Nature abhors a vacuum. Apparently, so does artificial intelligence. So the ANA is teaming up with Bloomberg Media to help fill it. It's called "The Business Guide to AI," and it will be unveiled at the "Masters of Marketing" conference in Orlando. More to come.
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