Synthetic Media Planning

Twenty-four hours after publishing a Planning & Buying Insider column about a potential arms race between white and dark hats utilizing AI-generated media vs. detection and avoidance tools, I got three pitches about new AI-enabled media-planning software:
  • A press release from PR tech platform Cision about the U.S. rollout of a new "AI-powered platform," CisionOne, enabling public relations and communications execs utilize AI to target, pitch and persuade journalists and media outlets.
  • An email from a PR exec representing CTV media planning and buying platform Tatari alerting me that it introduced a beta for an "AI-enabled planning engine" last month, and is preparing a general release soon.
I haven't had an opportunity to vet these pitches, but I am asking the PR folks some follow-up questions, including how media plans generated by AI will be different than ones done manually by humans.



Anecdotally, one of the PR people cited "speed" as a big differentiator, which doesn't surprise me, but what I really understand is how they are materially different in the substance of where media gets planned, bought and sold.

Beyond that, I'd like to understand what controls these developers are using to train their AI models and to make sure they yield trustworthy recommendations.

And this just in... as I was getting ready to press the button on today's Media3.0 newsletter, I just got a press pitch for "10 Pitfalls For Using Artificial Intelligence In Sales And Marketing," which oddly just included three of them: that AI lacks "emotional intelligence,"a moral compass, and common sense."

In my experience, so do some pitches form human PR pros.

Interestingly, I just indexed "AI" enabled, powered, generated messages in my inbox today and through 2:45 pm, I received 39.

Oh, and about the M3DIA image in today's newsletter, it's just something I was toying with, because I'm not thrilled with the "Media3.0" logo that we started this newsletter with.

I like the position of "Media 3," just not the .0 and the way it's connected in our current logo.

So I mocked up my own variant merging the numeral 3 in place of the letter e in media.

What do you think? Does that work, or should we stick with the current "Media3.0" version?

3 comments about "Synthetic Media Planning".
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  1. Rob Pait from UnicornCG, October 17, 2023 at 7:08 p.m.

    Nice idea, but the large model producing this used a font that is EVERYWHERE. So uyou have a logo with a nice idea that looks the same as everything. Which is sort of the point of your article. 

  2. James Smith from J. R. Smith Group, October 18, 2023 at 4:15 a.m.

     I agree with Mr. Pait. Top of mind--my first reaction--it's a media buying agency logo. Second thought was--it's not significantly better than your original--but original could use a graphic refresh.  Keep versioning and retesting. 

  3. Ann Balboa from Orange22, October 19, 2023 at 12:47 p.m.

    Agree with font comment, but also could be some market confusion when searching for your company...quite a few media buying and marketing companies spelling that way.  Not inituitive if a potential reader is trying to find you by search.  I agree with you that i like your current Media3.0 positioning, and personally dont mind your current logo because its simple, readable and with all the email i get I can easily recognize it.  But if you really want to explore changing it maybe upload some directives in an A.I image maker for what you see as your positioning. Just an idea!

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