• Sora"R"Us
    Famed toy retailer Toys"R"Us this morning released what it is touting as the "first-ever brand film" using OpenAI's text-to-video tool Sora, but readers of this column actually got to preview some of it -- albeit a typographically incorrect one -- even before it was a gleam Nik Kleverov's eye.
  • Two-Thirds Of My Advertising Is AI-Enabled
    If you thought the punchline was going to be a Wanamaker paraphrase, "the trouble is I don't know which two-thirds," you might be right. But the point of this column is that AI-enabled media-buying now has a benchmark -- 69.5% -- according to GroupM.
  • 3.know: Shelly Palmer's Pre-Cannes Take
    In this week's edition of "3.know," Shelly discusses the latest developments in disruptive media tech, and gives a brief preview of what to expect at the upcoming Cannes Lions festival.
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