• Havas Bets On Cryptocurrency With New Blockchain Practice
    Appropriately called Havas Blockchain, the new offering will pursue clients in the blockchain tech and entrepreneur sector.
  • Dilly Dilly! Bud Light Awards More Bloody Work to Wieden
    As a reward for its idiotic campaign that's more than a bit of a 'Game of Thrones' knockoff, Wieden + Kennedy captured the social media assignment for Bud Light.
  • Cancer Awareness Campaign Supported by Google, But Apple Won't Play Ball
    For reasons that remain a bit mysterious, Apple is barring the sale of emoji packs supporting the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation.
  • Sometimes Lighter Is Better?
    Oh sure, especially if you want to open yourself (and your brand) to accusations that you're racist.
  • MediaCom London Is Gunn Report's Top-Ranked Media Agency
    WPP's MediaCom is the top-ranked media agency network, Nike is the top brand and Unilever is the top advertiser. McD's 'Capacity Based McDelivery' Is Gunn's Top-Ranked 2018 Media Campaign.
  • Busy Time For Wavemaker As It Fights To Win, Retain Business
    It's also trying to justify its new proposition. This week alone the shop received both good and bad news from clients.
  • Kids Are Marching For Their Lives; Adland Is Making Posters
    Is that it Adland? Really?
  • AIGA Launches Movement To Boost Female Leadership In The Design World
    As with most industries, women are underrepresented in leadership roles in the design field. The AIGA movement wants to double the number of women leaders in the design world.
  • McCann Gets Spacy In New Work For Nat Geo Program
    And the result is a very innovative batch of replica astronaut helmets that simulate a view of earth from space.
  • Study Finds Roadblocks to Moving Media-Buying In House
    The study, from ID Comms, found that a lack of talent is a major obstacle to shifting such operations in-house.
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