• WPP's Sorrell Earns Huge Bonus While Company Performance Sinks To Decade Low
    WPP CEO Martin Sorrell earned a 2017 incentive bonus worth many times more than most people make in a lifetime.
  • Dos Equis Keeps It 'Interesante' In New Campaign
    Created by Droga5, it was filmed on all seven continents and the moon in stunning 8K resolution. Yeah, that's the ticket.
  • What's The Dish? Ask The Richards Group
    After a month of speculation that satellite network Dish was going to award its creative agency account to The Richards Group, the companies confirmed today that the deal is sealed.
  • Streaming Service Sling TV Chooses Martin Agency As Its New AOR
    Actually, that decision was made a while ago, but is just being announced now as Sling and the agency take the wraps off the shop's first campaign for the client, called "We Are Slingers."
  • This Phelps Client Turns DST Into A Marketing Opportunity
    Yeah there's nothing like the invigorating jolt of an extra hour of daylight, not to mention the increasingly longer days that follow. Let's celebrate with an ad campaign!
  • Mondelez Conducting Global Media Agency Review
    The snack-food giant has finalized the process in North America, where the firm has split the assignment between Publicis Media's Spark Foundry and digital specialist VaynerMedia.
  • Let's Celebrate Women, Every Day
    It's International Women's Day Eve. And agencies' creative cups runneth over with brilliant campaigns celebrating women.
  • Happy Birthday Shaq. Oh, And You Too Oreo (I Guess)
    That's what happens when you cover marketing too long. You start wishing cookie brands a happy birthday. The NBA great and Oreo share a birthday (March 6). They're teaming up to promote their special day.
  • Stunted Growth For Adland In 2017
    In North America, holding company growth (if you can call it that) was 0.1% in 2017. That's zero point one percent.
  • WPP Discloses Gender Pay Gap Report
    Just in time for Women's History Month, WPP is out with its first report detailing the gender pay gap.
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