• You Could Be The Nobody That Rich Silverstein Answers To
    Or you could be the horse's ass that doesn't want to work at Barton F. Graf 9000. But you might not last long at DDB California.
  • AKQA Staffers Not Playing Nice In The Sandbox
    In brawl-like atmosphere employees swing bottles and slam bodies; somebody needs a timeout! Separately, Motown touted as ad Mecca and agencies love LinkedIn.
  • Levi's and MasterCard Headed To Review?
    It appears to be the case given reshufflings in the CMO ranks at the marketers, a sure sign of changes to come. Also, GM calls an audible on The Big Game and The Washington Post goes native.
  • Twerk Your Booty MTV
    Condom maker Trojan had to feel pretty satisfied with its hookup with the VMA Awards Sunday night, given the show turned out to be a rating sensation.
  • Lift And Separate What?
    For years bra ads hawked their products without even mentioning the body part they're designed for-the female breast. Now Target has swung the pendulum in the opposite direction, referring in ads to breasts by slang names such "assets" and "bangers."
  • We're Number One, For Now
    What to do when your two biggest rivals propose a merger that will displace you as the Big Holding Company Kahuna and make them Number One in Adland by almost any measure? Well, for WPP, the answer is two-fold.
  • Quick, Sign On Here Before The Inc. Dries
    The good news is that "advertising and marketing" companies rank among the fastest-growing on Inc. magazine's just-released "Inc. 5000" list. The bad news is most of them don't actually make advertising, they just develop technologies to make money off of it.
  • Bulk Up While Watching TV
    Sometimes it seems as though there are as many minutes of ads on TV as there is actual content. This might prove to be a healthy development for couch potatoes.
  • Relax, Have A Nice Refreshing Can
    Is it possible for a beer can to be "refreshing?" Not the beer inside the can, but the can itself. MillerCoors says yes indeed. Anheuser-Busch has some doubts.
  • Big Swingin' App
    Want to read a book? There's an app for that. Check your heart rate? There's an app for that too. How about guestimate the size of your penis based on your shoe size?
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