• David & Goliath Relents, Pays Slingshot Ransom For DavidAndGoliath.com Domain
    It was all tongue and cheek, of course, with the ultimate goal of Slingshot raising money for a charity -- to which David & Goliath happily contributed.
  • Ad Council Partners With Gaming Brands, Influencers To Amp Up Social Campaign Efforts
    Kicking off its Game for Good effort, the Ad Council will take its Love Has No Labels campaign to Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) West in Seattle.
  • That Crazy Canadian Agency Is at It Again, This Time Pitching Both Clinton And Trump Campaigns
    The video, which also includes several spoof Clinton and Trump ads, marks the second appearance of the company's faux founder.
  • Top Pepsi Exec Named Chicago Ad Woman of the Year
    Morgan Flately who is the chief marketing officer at PepsiCo Global Nutrition Group and SVP of Global Grains has been named the 2016 Chicago Advertising Woman of the Year by the Chicago Advertising Federation.  Chicago Advertising Federation Board President Jill Sylvester said the honor goes to the advertising woman “who has provided outstanding leadership and made significant contributions to her company, the advertising community and the development of others.”  Flately, breaking from the 59 year norm of an industry-wide celebration luncheon, has requested the CAF host a smaller luncheon which will be attended only by Flately's closest friends and family. And maybe …
  • Agency Founder Invents Gravestone With Embedded Video
    The agency, R.M. Barrows, is out with its Video Enhanced Gravemarker. According to the agency's Web site, this Gravemarker will have great impact.
  • Agency Introduces Brand New (Ahem...Done Before by Every Agency on the Planet) Growth Model
    New Haven-based agency GEM has just introduced what they are calling the Growth Experience Model. Get it?
  • Omnicom Named To Forbes List Of Most Innovative Companies
    The ranking is based on a company's "innovation premium," which is the difference between its market capitalization and the net present value of cash flows from existing businesses.
  • Dallas Agency Holds DavidAndGoliath.com Ransom, Wants David & Goliath To Pay Up
    Very popular El Segundo-based ad agency David & Goliath does not own davidandgoliath.com. Nope. It's owned by a Dallas-based agency.
  • Former Havas Executive Joins Boston Agency's Advisory Board
    Debi Kleiman, a former agency and marketing executive who spent decades in marketing leadership positions, will join Boston-based Cramer, a brand experience agency, as a member of its Board of Advisors.
  • Four Things You Can Do To Become More Creative
    First up take a bath. That's right. Hop in the tub.Next, shut up and observe.
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