• Big Week Coming Up For WPP
    WPP made it official Monday that Mark Read has been appointed its new CEO. He'll have his work cut out for him right out of the gate, and retaining the Ford account is high atop the priority list.
  • MediaMonks Unveils New Labs Operation
    The new unit will focus on innovation and rapid prototyping and is already working on projects using AI, VR, voice technology and other cutting-edge techniques for clients like Google and Nickelodeon.
  • The Game Of Life (For Ad Creatives)
    Two longtime creative partners have created a board game about advertising called AdQuest. Now comes the hard part: the financing. They're launching a Kickstarter campaign next week.
  • NHTSA Issues RFP For Multiyear $200 Million Agency Contract
    The highway safety agency has worked with Tombras Group for the last 13 years. The latest work from Tombras debuted just last week in the run-up to the upcoming Labor Day weekend.
  • Is The All-American Family White, Heterosexual With Kids?
    That's what 74% of respondents to a new HP study said, even though only 35% of the study's respondents fit that profile.
  • Agency Creative Veteran Marshall Ross Is About To Publish His Debut Novel
    His debut novel, "Lost Arrow," is the first installment in a planned three-book effort called "The Kalelah Series."
  • It Turns Out That Advertisers Hate Ads Too
    That's the conclusion that Jerrid Grimm came too after surveying industry pros about their ad avoidance-related behavior. Frankly, who can blame them?
  • Is Advertising Part Of The Netflix Value Proposition?
    There has been recent speculation that Netflix is planning to introduce ads into its service. I thought I was paying monthly to avoid that.
  • Are BBDO, FCB And Leo Burnett Sh*tty Agencies?
    That's what Havas North America Chief Creative Officer Jason Peterson called them in a "quarterly update" video.
  • UM's Kasha Cacy Departs For Engine As Global CEO
    Engine, FKA Engine Group, a UK-based mini holding company, has hired a big leaguer from IPG to run its global operation.
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