• Maine Agency Beats New York Agency For L.L.Bean Account...The Way Life Should Be
    The whole Down East thing is not really something you discern through research. It's what you glean through osmosis.
  • Former David & Goliath Execs Launch New Consultative Agency
    The shop is Wolfgang. The recent announcement about the launch, complete with a photo of the execs dressed in black along with, yes, a wolf, are seen confidently strutting down a dreary looking walkway.
  • Ad Agency Hilariously Mocks Self Driving Vehicles
    Reminding us of reality and toning down the hype a bit, Swedish ad agency Forseman & Bodenfors is out with an ad for Swedish transportation authority Vasttrafik.
  • Agency Urges Google to Allow Third Party Ad Verification Inside Its Walled Garden
    The&Partnership is demanding that Google, Facebook, et al open up their walled gardens and allow inside third party purveyors of ad verification solutions such as Adloox.
  • Creatives Angered By Trump Launched DonVsDon To Funnel Money Away From Government To Charitable Organizations
    The creatives behind the effort say they could no longer idly watch the repercussions of Trump's budget cuts without taking action.
  • Programmatic Ad-Buying Firm Digilant Buys Programmatic Ad Shop Anagram
    The acquisition of Anagram will expand Digilant's programmatic capabilities to offer a full range of ad agency-style services.
  • Native Ad Spend to Hit $22 Billion in 2017
    What you and I call native advertising, John Oliver once called "repurposed bovine waste."
  • Boston Ad Vet Mark Boles Joins 451 Marketing
    Most recently, Boles served as a business advisor and consultant to various ad agencies and management consulting firms.
  • PR Agency Thinks Marketing And Communications Industries Have Important Role in Combatting Fake News
    According to a new study, 82% of Americans register concern over fake news and 71% say it contributes to incivility.
  • Agencies, You Might Be Working With A New CMO Even More Often
    A new study from executive search firm Spencer Stuart claims the average lifespan of a chief marketing officer has declined for the second year in a row.
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