• Agency Strategist Recreates Office Frustrations With Photos Featuring Miniature Figurines
    Derrick Lin, brand strategist at Columbus, Ohio-based Resource Interactive, has a side project. It's called 1:87 and it's a representation of the frustrations of agency life expressed using figurines that are 1/87th the size of their real-life counterparts. On his Tumblr blog, Lin has posted hundreds of images featuring the figurines expressing such dramatic difficulties as getting the attention of co-workers when they are wearing headphones or the difficulties of writing a creative brief or the insensitivity of some co-workers or the fact that permanent markers should never be allowed near white boards.  …
  • 72andSunny Client Says Nearly Naked Women Eating Hamburgers Have Become Part of American Culture
    Carl's Jr. CEO says that his ads "cut through the clutter" and appeal to the younger male audience the brands seek.
  • WPP Promotes Tamara Ingram to Chief Client Officer
    Yes, I know. There are too may CxO titles floating around the business world -- but that shouldn't detract from the fact that people promoted to these newly created positions don't deserve to be there. And Tamara Ingram is one such person. Over the years, Ingram has served as UK WPP Group CEO for Grey Worldwide as well as CEO of WPP's Team Procter & Gamble. Before Grey, she was president of WPP's Kantar, parent to Henley Center, Added Value and Fusion5. And before that she was CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi and McCann-Erikson in the UK. 
  • RPA Creative Director Releases Book on Instagram
    The book, entitled "Look At Me When I'm Talking To You," examines today's marketing environment and talks about what it takes to break through.
  • Former Arbitron, Simmons And Campbell-Ewald Exec Heads To Telmar
    Media planning software provider Telmar has named former Arbitron, Simmons, Traffic Audit Bureau and TNS exec Anna Fountas to the position of President of the Americas. Fountas will lead Telmar’s sales and client service organization in the U.S., Canada and South America to further expand usage of its core media planning system as well as applications for emerging media and data integration.  On joining Telmar, Fountas said: “Media planning software is more important than ever. Every day advertisers get more options, complexity, data and urgency to contend with. Advertising depends utterly on targeting, and targeting relies increasingly …
  • Red Tettemer O'Connell +Partners Surprises Employee With Porsche Boxster
    Agency retreats are not usually an occasion that many look forward to. After all, it's an event usually filled with silly personal development games and come-to-Jesus fervor that just causes everyone to wince as if you were witnessing your father wearing a Speedo. But RTO+P went for something different this year, as they did several years ago when they awarded PR and Social Director Annie Heckenberger with a 1977 Midget MG. This year, the agency surprised Managing Director Perry Morris with a 2002 Porsche Boxster. But it wasn't simply a luck-of-the-draw thing. Morris had …
  • This Ad Blocker Blocks Ads With...Award Winning Ads
    In celebration of its 2015 Pencil awards, British ad organization D&AD, with help from Paris-based BETC, has launched The Ad Filter, a browser plug in for Chrome and Firefox that will replace preroll ads with D&AD-winning ads.
  • Financial Sector To Up Digital Budgets To $10 Billion Annually By 2019
    It's not a surprise that many brands are shifting their marketing budgets away from traditional media and toward digital media but the financial segment is set to experience big shifts over the next four years, according to recent eMarketer research.
  • SS+K Gives Middle Finger to Open Office Haters
    While many agencies have gone open concept, one is publicly proclaiming its love for the concept. Penned by SS+K Partner and Chief Creative Officer Bobby Hershfield, the letter reads like a "facts be damned" opinion piece.
  • Hey Agencies, Here's 5 Reasons Why Startups Should Pay You More
    David Murdico, creative director and managing partner of Supercool Creative Agency puts forth a solid argument as to why startups should pay agencies more than brands do for the same work.  First of all, he notes a startup is an unknown entity and no one has ever heard of it before making it all the more difficult to create the necessary marketing program to achieve awareness and sale. He notes startups are generally more demanding than established brand marketers, often times because so much is at stake. Perhaps the biggest problem area when it …
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