Agency Strategist Recreates Office Frustrations With Photos Featuring Miniature Figurines

Derrick Lin, brand strategist at Columbus, Ohio-based Resource Interactive, has a side project. It's called 1:87 and it's a representation of the frustrations of agency life expressed using figurines that are 1/87th the size of their real-life counterparts.

On his Tumblr blog, Lin has posted hundreds of images featuring the figurines expressing such dramatic difficulties as getting the attention of co-workers when they are wearing headphones or the difficulties of writing a creative brief or the insensitivity of some co-workers or the fact that permanent markers should never be allowed near white boards. 

Of the project, Lin writes: "Sometimes work can be really hectic and frustrating and as grownups, we are expected to be cool about it and keep the whining to ourselves. I work in advertising and my workday is often very chaotic and unpredictable. While trying not to let the stress get the best of me, I decided to turn the mundane and often annoying little moments in my agency life into inspirations for something whimsical and magical."

He also posts his creations to his Instagram account.



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