• Sincerely Truman, The Movie Critic
    Seattle-based agency tells film director J.J. Abrams how to make a better a Star Wars sequel. Advertising Week taught us what exactly? Free beds for everybody at one lucky shop.
  • The Mother Of All 'Bush' Campaigns
    And no, we don't mean the President (either one of them). Also, shuttered New York ad shop Lipman is sued by jeweler Harry Winston over $1 million in allegedly paid but unplaced media time. And who knew an 80-year-old could run and ad agency?
  • The Horror! Law Firm Bests Agency In Battle Of The Ad Bands
    Reigning champ JWT's Jam With Toast is toasted in the annual Advertising Week competition. Tonight CBS takes a crack at using the ad biz as the setting for a new workplace comedy (watch Kelly get her groove back!). And one agency plays musical chairs to boost creativity and collaboration.
  • Agency Takes Fall For Client's Use of Racy Ads
    The client, with a history of using provocative sexual imagery in its advertising also called a consumer group objecting to the approach a 'miserable pc brigade.' Separately, it looks like agency review time at McD's-on your toes DDB and Leo!
  • It's Advertising Week! Does It Even Matter?
    You bet it does. But does it matter as much as CES or SXSW? Well, that's debatable. Shazam! That PSA was really something. Love your Job? Well then you're obviously not focused enough on these 18 things that piss you off.
  • NY Ad Agency Stiffs Kate Moss, Closes Shop
    Meanwhile, another shop-KLS Media, not to be confused with bankrupt KSL-is being bought by a Texas private equity firm and Deutsch New York has hired a new CCO. And there's a big Adland turf war ongoing in the Land of Lincoln.
  • BBDO Does Awesome Work For Gillette...Right After Losing Account
    Pointing out a truism that we see repeated over and over again in the advertising business, Stephen Foster, writing in More About Advertising, points to some recent work that BBDO just did for Gillette. He makes note of the fact that the work is awesome. Funny thing, though -- and this is where the truism comes into play -- BBDO just lost the account to Grey and is serving out its last days on the account.
  • POKE New York Escapes Publicis
    POKE New York founders Tom Ajello and Michael Kantrow have just completed a management buyout of their agency from parent company POKE London in advance of the Publicis acquisition of POKE London in September. The new company will be known as Makeable.
  • Advertising: The Most Overrated Job
    We've known for quite some time that those in the advertising profession are about as well respected as car dealers, members of congress and lawyers -- but did you know the profession is also one of the most overrated? A recent CareerCast survey noted that the most overrated jobs are stockbrokers, surgeon and -- yes, public relations manager and advertising account executives.
  • Wieden+Kennedy Is Now A Media-Buying Shop?
    Portland-based Wieden+Kennedy is well known for its creative work on such accounts as Old Spice, Southern Comfort, Nike and many others. It's not well known as a media-buying shop -- but that apparently, is exactly what it has become after winning the media buying and planning portion of Intuit's TurboTax account away from Interpublic's Initiative Media. The Portland office will handle planning and the New York office will handle buying. W+K won the creative portion of TurboTax back in July. Is the media- buying agency argument that scale matters dead? I, for one, can say firsthand it never had legs …
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