• I Still Don't Heart That Cannes-Winning Oreo Thing
    Andrew Teman couldn't believe it when the "Dunk in the Dark" campaign became an award-winning poster child-type industry happening. He said he'd quit advertising if that happened, but didn't. But he is taking Heart and starting anew. And Publicis Groupe has a few extra Heartbeats after its most recent acquisition. Meanwhile the blood is pumping a little faster today at two shops that just notched big wins.
  • So Spooky: McKinney Conducts Ghost Hunt
    The shop converted a cigarette factory into its Durham headquarters a few years back and ghost sightings (and soundings) have been reported ever since. Is it the ghost of a murdered child? Or maybe a pissed off lung disease victim! Go to YouTube for clues. In another part of the fantasy realm, the FDA has a new program to spot drug makers who lie, as well as the liars who make their lying ads. And even agencies in Maine crave recognition. Now is their time.
  • Oh, The Enormity!
    For ad guys bigger Is always better. Just ask the founders of ad shop Enormous. And, just in time for Halloween, two creatives showcase their theory on how ad agencies digest and disseminate new forms of media (can't quite put my thumb on it but it seems a little familiar). And for those searching for recognition, there's some big award news out of Las Vegas. Meanwhile ad shop MGH gets taken to the cleaners.
  • Agencies Fight Over Work
    As a name for their shops, not something they actually do, which would be, well, productive. But why a name that is so prosaic when so many ridiculous names-clearly the new black in Adland-are available. Why not Ctrl Alt Delete for example? Oh wait, that's already taken. Well there's always EscShiftEnter. Meanwhile, drink up boys and girls! A new study shows many transit agencies are promoting liquor to kids via ads. On a less intoxicating note, a soft drink company hires a new shop to help it go national by its 100th anniversary. Better late than never! And a big …
  • Oh, Those Awesome Facebook Video Ads!
    They don't exist, you say? Of course they do, just ask the agency executives who say they've placed them. Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, Matomy Media Group has acquired Adquant's social advertising agency to increase its Facebook offering. No word on how many video ads they've placed on the platform. But word travels fast these days: Down Under two Omnicom shops are partnering on a social media venture. They don't want to miss out on placing those splendid FB video ads either. Also Butler Shine nails the Roku account and a Doner expat gets Industri-ous.
  • It's A Game of Musical Chairs Over at Arby's
    The QSR's account is up for grabs, but agencies will want to do a sharp profitability assessment before the pitch as the assignment will likely be in review again before you can say "slicing up freshness." And 'dyanmic' Zimmerman Advertising will craft a new ad strategy for A.C. Moore while a big ad merger is afoot in Arizona. Also Grey buys a shopper marketer.
  • Looking For Love Adland Style
    Deciding that a Craig's List want-ad probably isn't the way to go, a former Martin Agency staffer crafts a "looking for love" campaign that includes billboards, a website and other tools of the ad trade. Meanwhile W + K and Levi's aren't feeling the love-with each other anymore-and have parted ways after five years. And Havas wins network of the year! (from a group you've probably never heard of). And Playa Vista is becoming LA's Madison Ave. (except the agencies are moving there not leaving).
  • Adland Execs Love Competition!
    Or so they say every time a new competitor pops up. They're about to get more. In its bid to dominate the digital marketing space Deloitte has bought Banyan Branch while marketers say they're bringing more ad services in-house to assert greater control over creativity and speed to market. Meanwhile the Barbarians get a new overlord and Japan mourns its pioneering ad critic.
  • Ad Shop Disqualified From Awards Show
    Hey, if you're pathetically desperate for recognition why follow the rules if you think you can get away with it? (Answer: Because you can't away with it, idiots!) Today's Bumptious Buzzword Bingo winner: RAZR. You'll need a sharp one to cut through their tasty MGBB ("muy grande bullshit burrito," as Bob Hoffman would say). And one agency vet is stepping down to get rewired and do good works, while another finds his true calling.
  • Adland Daily Special: 'Muy Grande Bullshit Burrito'
    Oh, the troops have really been flinging it this week. But heck, it's something they do so well! Latest example: 'Overdrive' from Jun. It's a first. We're not sure first what, but wow, it'll knock your native socks off! And just when you think things couldn't get more idiotic, here comes Ketchum with its ridiculous (but brand spanking new!) acronym PESO. MGBB indeed! There seems to be some confusion between that and the Big Idea. But let's not kid ourselves--sometimes they're one and the same.
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