• True Indeed: Dentsu Sells Most Of Its Stake In Recruit Holdings
    Dentsu Group said it sold about 50 million shares of its holdings in the global employment staffing company for an estimated $1.9 billion to be used to support a restructuring and M&A activity.
  • What Psssst You Off In 2020
    Some of the most widely read columns over the past 12 months dealt with the year's dominant issues, including COVID-19, social justice and politics.
  • Amazon Is The Most Inspiring Brand In The World
    That's according to a global study from Wunderman Thompson that concludes that inspiring consumers is a key to brand growth.
  • WPP Strikes Deal To Take Full Control Of WPP AUNZ
    The agreement came after some back and forth and a sweetened offer by WPP.
  • For Brands, Silence Is No Longer Golden
    Recent dentsu research found 57% of consumers feel brands have a responsibility to use their influence to stand up for social issues.
  • Ad Slams Georgia Incumbents For Not Condemning Death Threats To Sec. Of State
    "Others have defended our democracy, despite the danger to their families and themselves," the ad states. "The response from Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue? Silence."
  • All I Want For Christmas Is A ....Tesla?
    Well, if that's what you want, clean technology company EnergyX is giving away two of them.
  • Study Finds Short-Form Ads Growing In Effectiveness
    The study, from Magna, IPG Media Lab and Snap, attributes the improvement to the burgeoning supply of better quality short-form content. Also, agencies and advertisers are getting better at communicating in shorter ads.
  • Wunderman Thompson Bids Farewell To One Awesome Employee
    Known for her spunk, wit and can-do attitude, Ginny Bahr joined J. Walter Thompson's New York office in 195. (That's 69 years ago for those of you who don't have calculators handy.)
  • WPP Is Shifting Focus To 'Growth' Areas Of Commerce, Experience And Technology
    During an investor presentation today, WPP said its organic net revenue decline for full-year 2020 is expected to be in line with its year-to-date performance of 8.4%, with a return to growth next year in the mid-single digits.
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