Amazon Is The Most Inspiring Brand In The World

Wunderman Thompson is out with new global study that concludes that brands can grow substantially by inspiring people. Conversely, brands that don’t inspire people risk stunted growth.

The study is based on proprietary BrandZ data examining over 33,000 brands in 183 categories across 45 markets over the past six years. A survey of 4,000 respondents was also conducted to identify inspirational brand traits and experiences that brands can design to inspire people.

Insights from the study include:

  • A brand’s category has a strong effect on inspiration, with technology brands performing extremely well and financials under-represented.
  • There is a significant difference between categories and regions. Brazilians are most inspired by brands; while people in the United Kingdom, are the least.
  • Brands inspire in different ways. Technology brands, for example, tend to inspire by broadening horizons. Retail brands score relatively high on helping people discover new things, while personal care brands do well in creating inspirational experiences.
  • Consumers in China and Brazil are more likely to experience a shift in behavior or attitude as a result of brand inspiration.
  • Mission and brand behavior are important sources of inspiration.



As part of the study, WT developed what it calls the Inspire Score that ranks the top 100 inspiring brands in the world today, as well as the top brands in more than 45 markets globally.

In order here are the global top 10: Amazon, Samsung, Apple, Heineken, Coca-Cola, Google, LG, Toyota, Walmart and Huawei.

And here are the U.S. top 10: Amazon, Walmart, Netflix, Apple, Target, Tesla, Seventh Generation, Dove, YouTube and Prime Video.

Richard Dunn, WT EMEA Chief Strategy Officer and co-creator of the Inspiring Growth study said the report “proves that brands can ignite change, making people see new possibilities and compelling them to act on new ideas and perspectives, creating experiences that resonate with a person’s values and motivating people to reach their personal goals.”

You can download the full report here.

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  1. Jonathan May from HorseTV Global, December 29, 2020 at 5:23 p.m.

    How is a company like Amazon, which uses retail sales to develop individual profiles and finely detailed preferences on the user, and then sells your information to the highest bidder..."inspiring?" The "user" is the "product" for Amazon, and they have done a masterful job of making you think they are just a big retailer where you can buy anything.  Their primary business, goal and objective is data harvesting and selling your life to someone else.  Somehow I find that less than inspiring, but there is a thick layer of Duh-factor out there that will accept anything you offer to them.  While Facebook does the same thing, at least they are upfront about the Quid Pro Quo, since their site is free.  You trade your information to have it free.   At Amazon, you pay for the priviledge of being perpetually harvested and sold.

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