• CVS Health To Agencies: Thank You For Not (Promoting) Smoking
    Brilliant move, CVS. I wonder how agency executives can live with themselves, hawking tobacco knowing what a toxic and deadly product it is.
  • March For Our Lives And Gen L (Generation Lockdown)
    March For Our Lives has issued a powerful new PSA from McCann that highlights the stark reality of the potentially dangerous situation faced by school kids in the U.S.
  • Penn's Mark On MDC Partners
    Mark Penn has been at the helm of MDC Partners for a little over a month and he's already putting his stamp on the holding company.
  • Report Finds Marketers Still Lack Necessary Media Skills
    Some 71% of survey respondents rated levels of investment in media training unsatisfactory or entirely unsatisfactory.
  • OMD US 'Flattens' Organization, Eliminating Regional Presidents
    Three regional president positions are being eliminated as is the agency's CMO role. Regional operations across the U.S. will now report to agency CEO John Osborn.
  • WPP's 2018 Pay King: Martin Sorrell
    He was gone by April, but made more than any other executive, including new CEO Mark Read. Investors weren't thrilled with Sorrell's severance terms.
  • Agency Veteran Zach Rosenberg Hangs Out His Own Shingle
    Most recently president of MBMG, Rosenberg has set up shop as a consultant to both agencies and brands. He believes he can help the latter avoid lengthy and costly review processes.
  • Taco Tuesday? Why Not The Rest Of The Week?
    In a new campaign Taco Bell tells fans they can eat tacos anytime they want to, while having a little fun at expense of one competitor. Believe it or not, Taco Tuesday is trademarked.
  • Is There Life After The Smartphone?
    GroupM offers a new treatise on some of the forces that will shape the media-marketing landscape.
  • Former U.S. Trade Representative Barshefsky Joins MDC Partners Board
    The appointment follows months of loud complaining from unhappy MDC investor FrontFour Capital Group which has been demanding board changes since last year.
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